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Thank you for visiting the Cumulus Soaring, Inc. web site.  My goal is to help you find the right soaring instruments, software, books and videos for your needs and help you use them.  What sets me apart from my competitors is that I help you use the instruments and/or software through one-on-one phone support (with web conferencing) and through informational training CDs.  I have created many "Value Added" features to this web site including Product Overview and Training Videos, Product Comparisons & Selection Guides to help you find the products that are best for you, and my Soaring Links and Soaring News free soaring resource web sites.  I have invested heavily in stock so you can get any of the products quickly.  I also spend considerable time learning how to use each product so I can support you well.  I consider myself a servant.  If I do a good job serving you I hope you will buy from me and tell your friends to buy from me. 

Pledge Drive Results - Success!!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I am extremely happy to announce that the recent pledge drive has been a success! Thank you to everyone that pledged their support! I have been overwhelmed by the very kind words of support received and the 274+ pledges received. The goal has not been reached yet, but I have received enough pledges to continue on with my business for at least 10 to 20 more years. I can't express how thankful and humbled I am for the support of the soaring community!!! As I have always known - there are a large number of very classy and generous glider pilots. Thank you so very much! I will work hard to earn your kind support.

Benefits Start Immediately
If you made a Mutual Support Membership pledge or wish to order a membership now, the benefits will begin as soon as I receive your payment/order. This will allow you to use your discount for holiday gift purchases or off-season instrument upgrades.

Goal Not Reached Yet
There is still a long way to go to reach the goal. I will continue to sell Mutual Support Membership going forward. I have decided to offer a few incentives to encourage the sale of additional memberships, and to encourage those who have already made pledges to consider upgrading to a higher membership level. Details

Gift Ideas
The Gift Ideas page includes low cost items that are perfect gifts for your soaring friends.  Or you can use the page to let your friends and loved ones know what soaring items you would like to receive as gifts.

Soaring News Page
FacebookPlease check-out my Soaring News page for the latest soaring product news and links to soaring news, images and videos from around the world. If you're not a Facebook user - no problem. You can still see the page and click-on all the links on the page. If you are a Facebook user, please "Like" the page so you will see posts from the page in your newsfeed. I had previously sent out soaring news in my "Soaring News" email newsletter - but it took so long to create each issue that I didn't send them out very often. It is very quick and easy for me to add items to the Facebook page - so it will be updated daily. I hope you find it interesting. If you like it, please tell your soaring friends about it and "share" the page with your Facebook friends.

Soaring News Email Newsletter
Back issues and more information is available here: Soaring News Newsletters. I have more or less replaced the newsletter with my new Soaring News Facebook page, but I do still send out newsletters occasionally - for important news items.

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Sale Items
The Sale Items page includes items that are new but slightly out of date, and used items.  There are some very good deals to be found there.

Proud Family Man
My favorite web site, is my personal web site because it contains photos of my wonderful family - I love my wife and kids and love being a father.

Handling Charges
I charge a $5 handling fee ($7 to $10 for international orders) for all orders on which the items total less than $100. I'm sorry about that - but I feel that it is necessary. I hope it does not discourage you from doing business with me. It is used to help pay my shipping assistant - who's help frees me up to answer the dozens of emails I get every day and to do my best to make this web site a valuable resource for glider pilots. The $5 handling fee really stings when you order a $3 item. I'm sorry about that. But please remember that it takes just as long to process, package and ship a $3 item as a $500 item - and we get many orders for $3 to $30 items. I do work hard to do a good job of supporting the soaring community. I hope you will take that into account when you see the fee on the invoice. Of course, you can avoid the $5 handling fee by ordering $100 or more worth in soaring products at a time. Some have suggested that I simply raise the price of the low cost items by $5, but that would be expensive for customers that order multiple low cost items. You can see more about the shipping fees here: How to Order

Site Navigation Tips
Go to the Catalog pages for the most complete listing of products sorted by product category and manufacturer.  Or use the menu on the top of every page to navigate through the site. Clicking on the logo on the top of any page will bring you back to this home page.  I also use the Manufacturers list in the table below often.

Catalogs - By Product Category - By Manufacturer - Printable Video & Book List - Printable Catalog Sorted by Manufacturer - Printable Scale Models Brochure

What's New   Most Popular Items   Value Added   Categories   Manufacturers

Excellent review of ClearNav
soaring instruments
by U.K. / New Zealand pilot G. Dale

FLARM External Shark Fin Antennas

RAM-A-FV-Std Mounting Arm
For LXNAV FlarmView, FlarmView2,
Nano, and Nano3

RAM-A-FV-L Mounting Arm, Long
For LXNAV FlarmView, FlarmView2,
Nano, and Nano3

Dancing with the Wind
by Jean-Marie Clément

Von der LS1 zur LS11

by Wolfgang Binz
(with 16 page
English Summary)

Light Airplane and Glider
Static and Dynamic

by Vittorio Pajno

Waterballast Water Meter Kit

Cloudstreet - Soaring the American West
Blu-ray and DVD combo pack

LoPresti SpeedCoat2

50% OFF SPOT Gen 3
(mail-in rebate)
Ends Sept. 14, 2015

Naviter Oudie Thigh Mount

Bioenno Power
LiFePO4 12V Batteries

Mandatory FLARM & PowerFLARM Update

Firmware version 6.00
Available Now

New Jaxida Brochure

LX EOS Variometer

New ClearNav II
New version with
faster processor
and brighter display

Pre-order before Feb. 1, 2015
to save $550 off the new price.

LXNAV FlarmView2
FLARM traffic,
waypoints, airspace,
tasks, and navigation

Scale Sailplane Display Models
by Pawel Nowak

Butterfly FLARM Display57
Sale: $245 (formerly $400)

LXNAV Vario Comparison

SPOT Global Phone
A more affordable satellite phone

LXNAV S8 Variometer with optional AHRS

LXNAV V8 Variometer with optional AHRS

LXNAV S80 Variometer with optional AHRS
In Stock

LXNAV LX8080, LX8000 and LX9050 "CLUB" Versions
Much lower cost and fully upgradeable options

2015 Soaring Calendars

New Book
Asiago 1924
International Gliding
Competition in Italy

by Vincenzo Pedrielli

Peiker TM168 gooseneck microphone
with built-in amplifier
for use with Trig, Flightline,
Microair and XCOM radios

Becker RCU6201
Remote Control Unit
For use with AR6201 or RT6201
Great for 2-seat gliders

New ClearNav CNv Variometer LCD Display

New LXNAV S7 Vario Overview Video

LXNAV S7 Vario Sounds Video
LXNAV S7 Vario Setup Menu Overview Video

JJ Wing Tie-Down Kit
New Heavy-Duty Version
for 2-seat gliders and motorgliders

DeLorme inReach Explorer Quick Start Video

ClearNav CNv Variometer Overview Video

LXNAV Nano 3 Overview Video

LXNAV S3 Vario Overview Video

New K6 Bt Mux
Multiplexer with BlueTooth

New inReach Explorer

Goddard Condor-Oudie-1p5 cable

LX9050 Flight Computer with V9 or V80 Vario

PowerFLARM Core

ClearNav XC Vario Upgrades


TE Probes, Triple Probes, Mounts

DeLorme inReach SE
New "Freedom" Service Plans

Butterfly Connect
Connect your 302 or S7 to an iPhone

New - Blue ILEC TE Probes

Sale: Slightly Damaged
Vintage Glider Club Books
$50 off

Advanced Soaring Made Easy
Sale: Slightly Damaged
Advanced Soaring Made Easy Books
$20 off

Peiker Gooseneck Microphones

LX9000 RAM Mount Option

Naviter Oudie IGC

PowerFLARM Tips

RAM Cradle for DeLorme inReach SE

GPS Flight Recorder
with audio variometer
and color navigation display

LXNAV FlarmView57

LXNAV LX9070 Flight Computer System
with 7.0" display

and V9 Variometer
or V9 Variometer with V80 Display

Cumulus Soaring, Inc. is now selling
and supporting the impressive
products from LX Navigation.
I am very excited to receive my
LX Zeus 5.5 and Colibri II demos
so I can make overview
videos available.

LX Navigation Colibri II
IGC Approved GPS Flight Recorder
with Vario and Thermal Assistant
and simple navigation

LX Zeus 2.8 with USB D 60 vario

LX Zeus 4.3 with USB D 60 vario

LX Zeus 5.5 with USB D 60 vario

LX Zeus 7.0 with USB D 60 vario

The World's Vintage Sailplanes
book by Martin Simons

2014 Soaring Calendars

The Vintage Glider Club - 40 Years

Glider Flying Handbook
2013 Edition

5V Battery Packs

ReplayXD HD video camera and accessory Sale
All remaining items 1/3 off
Replay XD1080: $199.99
(normally $299.99)

NOVUS Canopy Polish

Hans Jacobs - Pioneer Life in Aircraft Construction
2 Book Set

RAM Mount Adapter for GoPro Hero

RAM Cradle for SPOT Gen 3

DeLorme Protective and Flotation Case
For inReach SE

GoJack Rampless Hangar Dolly

Intercomp SW650RFX
Wireless Scale System

LoPresti SpeedCoat

Digital Water Meter Kit
for waterballast

DeLorme inReach SE
2-way Satellite Communicator with GPS

Hold Fast to Your Dreams
Hold Fast to Your Dreams
by George Lee

Sky Full of Heat
Goodhart: The Story of an Exceptional Man
(Nick Goodhart)

Trig TY91
panel-mounted aviation radio

3M Dual Lock Fastening Systems

JJ Sinclair Wing Tie-Down Kit

JJ Sinclair Wing Runner

LXNAV S3 Vario
Audio vario with averager,
digital altimeter, and
Speed-to-Fly calculator

LXNAV FlarmView
Color display for

LXNAV S7 BlueTooth Module

El Mirage DVD
1977 Film by Chris Woods

Desperate to Fly
by Kai Gertsen

New LX9000 Overview & Training Video

Zulu Romeo: Good Start

Aerotowing Gliders
by John Marriott

Italian Vintage Sailplanes
by Vincenzo Pedrielli

Winter Flight Hours Counters

New firmware for Nano and LX8000, LX8080 and LX9000

Mid-Continent Electric Analog Clock

SimplyKool Metallic Canopy Covers

Winter W-1115
Ball Bank Indicator

Cross Country Soaring With Condor
by Frank Paynter

WA - The Life of Soaring Legend Wally Scott

Riding On Air: Ridge, Wave, & Convergence Lift
by Rolf Hertenstein

Locomotive to Aeromotive
Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution

by Simine Short

Revell LS-8t Model Kit

Training Over the Phone or Web With Free Web Conferencing - Very Popular
I offer training over the phone on many soaring software topics for $40/hour.  What we cover is up to you.  It includes free web conferencing features. 
Details are available here: Training Over the Phone

Gift Certificates - The Perfect Gift

Naviter Oudie2
and Oudie2 Lite

Naviter Oudie IGC

LXNAV Nano 3
GPS Flight Recorder
with audio variometer
and color navigation display



Soaring Videos

Soaring Flight Simulator Software

LXNAV S3 Vario
Audio vario with averager,
digital altimeter, and
"electronic MacCready Ring"

LXNAV S8 Variometer
with optional AHRS

LXNAV S80 Variometer
with optional AHRS

LX Nav Nano
IGC Approved Flight Recorder


The Vintage Glider Club - 40 Years

DeLorme inReach SE
2-way Satellite Communicator with GPS

SPOT Gen 3
Satellite Messenger

Sky Full of Heat
New book
by Sebastian Kawa

LXNAV S3 Vario
Audio vario with averager,
digital altimeter, and
Speed-to-Fly calculator


LXNAV FlarmView
Color display for

Advanced Soaring Made Easy
Advanced Soaring Made Easy
New 3rd Edition


Zulu Romeo: Good Start

The Boy Who Flew With Condors

Cross Country Soaring With Condor
by Frank Paynter

Canopy Cap
Canopy Caps by Franklin Fabrication

SimplyKool Metallic Canopy Covers

Bumper Quiet Vent and MK IV Yaw String

Soaring Beyond the Clouds - Einar Enevoldson Reaches for 100,000 Feet
by Bertha M. Ryan

Sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes
Blu-ray or DVD

Mountain High Oxygen Systems

Bowlus Maxi Gap Seal Tape

Goddard Condor-Oudie-1p5 cable

Competing In Gliders book

Sailplane Design book

ClearNav Variometer

The Sun Ship Game
on DVD

Trig TT21 & TT22 Mode S Transponders with Built-in Altitude Encoder

ICOM IC-A14 and IC-A14S

CONFOR Foam Seat Cushions


Softie Parachutes from Para-Phernalia

FREE Product Overview and Training Videos

If you find these videos useful, please consider buying a Mutual Support Membership.


Product Comparisons & Selection Guides


Classified Ads - FREE

Soaring Links

Polar Data for Many Gliders


Catalog by Category

Airspeed Indicators
Adapter Plates
Batteries, Chargers, etc.
Cables & Power Converters
Calibration - Flight Recorders
Canopy Cleaner/Polish
Clocks, Timers & Watches
Collision Avoidance Systems
Fastening Systems
Flight Computers
Flight Simulator Software
Flight Software
GPS Flight Recorders
Installation Supplies
Mounting Arms
Oxygen Systems
Radios - Handheld
Radios - Panel Mount
Rope & Rings & Fids
Scale Systems
Seat Cushions
Services (Calibration, etc.)
Software - PC
Software - PDA
Stick Grips
Tie Down Equipment
Total Energy Probes
Tow Rope & Rings & Fids
Tubing & Connectors
Turn & Bank Indicators
Waxes & Sealants
Wingtip Skids
Wingtip Weights
Yaw String

Catalog by Manufacturer

Air Avionics
Anderson Power Products
Battery Packs - 5V
Bioenno Power
Bowlus Maxi-Tape
Canopy Cap
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
Czech Master Resin
EW Avionics
Falcon Gauge
Flight Data Systems
Franklin Fabrication


Glide Navigator II
Heritage Aviation Models
HPH Models
Jaxida Covers
JJ Sinclair
K6 Team
Larsen Antenna
LX Navigation
Mountain High
MZ Supplies
Pawel Nowak Models
Peiker Acustic
Planet Models
Precision Aviation
Soaring Society of America
United Instruments

Value and Excellent Support
Cumulus Soaring, Inc. offers soaring products and excellent technical support.  I aim to be friendly and fun.  I want to be sure that you are happy with your soaring tools and I strive to help you get the most out of them.

Paul Remde
I have been flying gliders since 1990.  I'm a very technical person who loves talking about soaring, badge flying, soaring instruments, GPSs, Pocket PCs, etc.   I am knowledgeable about badge, record, contest and aerobatic flying, and ready to help you select and use the right instruments and software for your soaring needs.  I hold all the FAI Badge legs for my Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond badges - with the exception of the altitude gain legs (which are nearly impossible to obtain in Minnesota).  I have flown in 5 soaring contests, acted as Competition Director in 2 contests, Contest Manager in 2 contests, and have won 9 Minnesota state soaring records.  I am also the MN state soaring record keeper.  I have owned several sailplanes including a Schempp-Hirth Ventus b and a Schweizer 1-35c.  I currently own a small share of a lovely DG-1000S.  You can see photos of them on my Soaring Photos web page.  I am also an active member of the Minnesota Soaring Club.  I am very proud of my Soaring Links web site which contains nearly 1000 links to soaring web sites.  My favorite web site, however, is my personal web site because it contains photos of my wonderful family - I love my wife and kids and love being a father.

Please Buy from Me
I work very hard to provide detailed product comparisons for soaring pilots.  I hope you will find this web site useful.  I also offer excellent support to customers who buy from me.  The best way to thank me for the services I offer is to help support my business by buying from me - and please tell your friends about my company.

Customers Outside the United States
I am often asked if I sell to customers outside the U.S.  In fact, I would guess that 1/4 of my sales are to customers outside the U.S.  My online order entry system accepts orders from anywhere in the world.  I generally ship to other countries using U.S. First Class International Airmail.  It gets the product to the customer in about 10 days.  If you prefer faster delivery or insurance and tracking I can ship using US Express Mail International or UPS Express.

Payment Options
For your convenience I accept payment via several methods.  For U.S. customers I strongly prefer payment by check for all orders but accept payment using credit cards if necessary. That saves me the cost of the credit card fees - which add up to tens of thousands of dollars every year.  That stings!  For international customers I require payment using a credit card.  For details, please visit the How to Order page.

Full Panel Discount
I am fortunate to be in a unique situation in that I sell and support products from more soaring manufacturers than any other soaring products vendor in the world.  I have products in stock to help you build a complete instrument panel.  I offer a 5% discount to customers that purchase all the items listed below at the same time (shipped to a single location) and pay by check (not credit card).  This option is popular with customers buying new gliders or upgrading older gliders.  I can ship the items to you or to the glider manufacturer.  To qualify you must buy at least the items listed below.  I'm sorry, but if you don't buy all those items, or items of similar value, I can't give you the 5% discount. 

Soaring Society of America
The SSA is an excellent resource for glider pilots in the USA and around the world. 

WWW www.cumulus-soaring.com

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Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
Paul E. Remde

8661 Connelly Place
Savage, Minnesota 55378

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