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SkySight offers the best soaring forecasts available, in a very easy-to-use website.  It is also integrated into the SeeYou.Cloud website and works well with SeeYou Navigator and the Oudie N and LXNAV products like the LX90x0 and LX80x0. 

I have SkySight setup as a tab that opens in my browser every day at startup - so I can quickly and easily determine whether the soaring weather will be good over the next few days.  I use SkySight weather in my Naviter Oudie N IGC and on my LX9000.  On the ground before flight - SkySight helps me plan my soaring tasks into the areas with the best forecast soaring weather, and setup a task that optimizes the soaring weather.  In flight - SkySight helps me fly in the best thermal, convergence and wave lift.  I can see it on my LX9000 and Oudie N IGC.  I very highly recommend SkySight.

Note: Use the link and coupon code below to order.  Don't order using the Add To Cart button.

Use the coupon code: "CUMULUS" when ordering on the web site to get 10% off the first year.

The price is $89/year. By using the coupon code you'll get 10% off, and be supporting Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

To clarify, SkySight is not ordered using the Cumulus Soaring, Inc. web site. It is ordered from the SkySight web site. When you use the "CUMULUS" coupon code, you get 10% off the first year.

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