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Falcon Gauge's Corporate Statement about Quality and Reliability
At Falcon Gauge Instruments and Wultrad Inc, we are dedicated to providing the homebuilt and experimental pilot with a full range of reliable and high quality instrumentation. Our goal is to create value for our customers and employees by extending innovation, expanding relationships, and exceeding expectations by energizing our sales efforts. Falcon Gauge brand instruments are made to the highest standards, having been subjected to a troika of tests before leaving the factory. The result is the consumer having the best product at a very reasonable price. 
We hope that you are fully satisfied with Falcon Gauge products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Falcon Gauges TSO'd?
        Falcon Gauges are not TSO'd, but made to TSO or MIL specifications for quality. This helps keep prices down and suitable for th experimental market.

  2. What is your warranty policy?
        Falcon Gauges carry a one year limited warranty from date of purchase.

  3. Can I install the G-Meter in my type certificated airplane or glider?
        This is a note from the manufacturer: "The FAA does not require g-meter is TSO'd. There is no TSO specification available. If you want to install a g-meter in certified airplane or glider, all you need to do is that to take our calibration sheet and fill out the FAA form and then get it approval by an FAA field engineer."



G-Meter, -5 to +10 g, 57 mm (2 1/4")NOTE: This item is not currently available.  I hope it will..


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