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Cumulus Soaring, Inc. 
I created these t-shirts as free gifts for customers who make large purchases with me.  At the SSA Convention I found that many people wanted to buy them because of the attractive glider image on the back of the shirt.  I have now made several shirt types and mouse pads available for anyone to purchase.  They are created and shipped directly from
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I stock the t-shirts here at my office and sell them for $20 when ordered with any other item.  I don't stock the many other options.  You must order them directly from using the link above.  If you want to order a t-shirt for $20, please send me an e-mail and I will add it to your order.


Insulated shoe covers

WaveRidge Insulated Shoe Covers

WaveRidge Insulated Shoe Covers

WaveRidge Insulated Shoe CoversWhen flying gliders in the cold, warm feet are half the battle. ..


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