Cinch "Jones" connectors are nice, simple, robust, reliable quick-disconnect connectors.  They are often used for 12 to 14 V battery power connections in gliders.


  • Operating Voltage: 250 VAC RMS maximum
  • Current Rating: 10 Amps
  • Contact Resistance: 16 Milliohms maximum
  • Solder lug terminals with .093" x .062" (2.36mm x 1.57mm) wiring holes.
  • Two-contact "Jones" connector is round, all others are rectangular.
  • For use in cable-to-panel and cable-to-cable applications.
  • Designed for light and medium duty.
  • Plug prongs are .156" (3.96mm) wide and .047" (1.19mm) thick.
  • Polarized to prevent wrong-way insertion.
  • Plugs have projecting flat blades, sockets have recessed twin bellows.
  • Cable clamps of zinc and clear irridite-plated steel used for strain relief.
  • UL Recognized-file E170218 (UL 1977), E130965 (UL1863).
  • CSA-LR31996.
  • Insulation Material: Molded monoblock, general purpose
    phenolic, black UL94V-1
  • Contact Material: Plug: Brass
  • Socket: Phosphor bronze
  • Contact Plating: Cadmium
  • Operating Temperature: Up to +105°C
  • Hood Material: UL 94V-0 rated thermoplastic

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