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Naviter SeeYou is the ultimate software for viewing your soaring flights.  Your SeeYou Subscription now includes more software and features than ever before - including SeeYou for PC, SeeYou.Cloud, SeeYou Navigator, etc.

NOTE: Please purchase your SeeYou-Subscription from Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

If you purchase directly from Naviter, I don't get any profit and won't be able to support you.  If you already purchased your SeeYou-Subscription from Naviter or some other Naviter dealer and want support from Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc. please sign-up as a Patron at:


  • 1 year of full access to the - The is an online resource which will probably eventually replace SeeYou for PC.  You can upload your flights to the and access them from your PC or Android device or iPhone or iPad.  You can view your soaring flights in 2D and 3D with much more detail on the than you can in SeeYou for PC.  The flight viewer doesn't yet support all the features of SeeYou for PC, but it will over time.  It can't currently be used to validate flight log files or do advanced waypoint, task, and airspace file sorting, editing, importing and exporting.  SeeYou for PC can be used for those features and this SeeYou-Subscription fully enables SeeYou for PC.
  • SeeYou Navigator - New iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android app for use in flight, with weather, airspace, maps, etc.    
  • SeeYou for PC - Install and use SeeYou for PC while your subscription is current.  You may be able to continue to use the installed SeeYou for PC software after your subscription expires - as long as you don't update it after the subscription expires.  Some features will be disabled after the subscription expires.
  • SeeYou Mobile - Customers who previously purchased SeeYou Mobile get 1 free year of upgrades to the latest version of SeeYou Mobile.
  • ConnectMe - For downloading flight logs, transferring waypoints, and uploading task declarations using a PDA or PNA such as a Naviter Oudie, Oudie2, or Oudie IGC.

Your login is used to fully enable SeeYou for PC.   

Tip: We will use your email address as the login to the  

Please download the SeeYou for PC software from

Please check-out the resources below to get the most out of SeeYou for PC and the

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