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The Oudie N is a Personal Gliding Assistant with built-in aviation grade GPS, flight recorder (IGC approval in future), 15 hour battery, audio variometer (not Total Energy compensated) and SeeYou Navigator software pre-installed.  The Oudie comes ready-to-fly with airports, airspace and maps for most of the world pre-installed. The Oudie N helps you navigate around a soaring task or directly to any waypoint. Landing sites that are within gliding range are highlighted on the moving map. The Oudie calculates wind speed and direction while circling in thermals and can display arrival altitudes at nearby airports or landing sites. The large built-in battery makes it the ultimate portable soaring flight computer to take with you in rental or club gliders. 

Trade-Up Options
(Old Oudie must be sent to me in advance) - Oudie 1: $100 off Oudie N - Oudie 2: $200 off Oudie N Note: I think you could sell an Oudie 1 or Oudie 2 for more on the used market at or in the rec.aviation.soaring newsgroup at:

Built-In IGC Approved Recorder (future feature)
All Oudie N units have all the required hardware to log position and pressure altitude and record flights to standard IGC flight log files.  The first version of the Oudie N won't yet have IGC approval.  Naviter guarantees that when the IGC certified version is available, the upgrade will be possible for the difference in the price between the approved and the non-approved version of the Oudie N.  The plan is for the upgrade to be a software upgrade and enable license only - not a hardware upgrade.  However, it is impossible to know what to expect during the IGC approval process.  

SeeYou Navigator
SeeYou Navigator is the future of soaring flight software.  It runs on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  It runs great on my iPhoneX.  However, my iPhoneX dims the screen and eventually shuts-down when it gets hot in the sun - making it unusable for use in a sailplane.  Also, the battery doesn't last all day with the screen on full brightness.  The Oudie N solves the brightness, overheating and battery issues very nicely.

Integration with the SeeYou.Cloud
One extremely cool feature of SeeYou Navigator is the integration with the SeeYou.Cloud. For example, you edit a waypoint file and create tasks on the SeeYou.Cloud web site (on any device) and the waypoint file and tasks are immediately available for selection in SeeYou Navigator on the Oudie N. The days of saving waypoint files and flight logs to a memory card are history - everything is automatically transferred through your phone's internet connection. 

Connection to Soaring Flight Instruments
The Oudie N has built-in Wi-Fi for connection to the internet through your phone, and built-in Bluetooth for connection to your soaring instruments. For example, a Naviter Bluetooth Dongle can be use to connect the Oudie N to your FLARM or variometer. LXNAV S10 and S100 units have built-in Bluetooth and the S8 and S80 can be connected to the Oudie N using the LXNAV Bluetooth Module, or the Naviter Bluetooth Dongle. 

Weather Maps
If you have a current SkySight or TopMeteo weather subscription, the Oudie N can get weather maps through your phone's internet connection.  The weather maps make it easy to fly through the best soaring weather - optimizing your cross-country speed - and your fun! 

Oudie Comparison Table

Works great with external data from FLARM and Vario Units
The Oudie N can receive data from external instruments over Bluetooth.  The Naviter Bluetooth Dongle enables many existing soaring instruments to send data over Bluetooth.


  • Very bright, sunlight readable display
  • Full HD screen resolution
  • 15+ hours of battery life at full screen brightness
  • SeeYou Navigator pre-installed
  • Wifi, Bluetooth LE & 4G/LTE connectivity
  • XC and competition tasks
  • Offline maps
  • Seamless integration with SeeYou
  • Charge your phone from Oudie after landing

Screen1920×1080 Full HD resolution
1000 nits brightness
Portrait and Landscape orientation
Size150 x 86 x 24 mm (5.9 x 3.3 x 0.95 inch)
Weight430 g
Battery16000 mAh
15+ hours autonomy at full brightness
20+ hours on a typical day with auto-brightness
64+ hours of continuous flight recording with screen powered off
7 hours charge time from empty to full
SensorsHigh-precision pressure sensor (<10 cm)
High-accuracy GPS, Galileo & GLONASS GPS receiver
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
Wifi, Bluetooth LE, 4G/LTE
Wifi and Bluetooth Internet tethering
Fanet+ (optional)
Memory4 GB RAM
64 GB Flash
Operating systemAndroid 9

Navigation appSeeYou Navigator
MapsWorldwide, high resolution
Street-level detail
Terrain color scheme (SeeYou default)
Outdoor scheme
Light scheme
Satellite maps (requires internet connection)
Download maps for offline use in advance to reduce download
TaskXC tasks
Racing tasks
Assigned areas
Elapsed time
Free flight
ConnectivityExternal devices by Bluetooth Low Energy
FeaturesRecord flight track (IGC file)
Airspace warning
Thermal assistant
Final glide assistant
Cross-country optimization
Airport database
Airspace database
Fully configurable map screen
Automatic airspace updates
Pinch & zoom
Online featuresRain Radar layer
Open Glider Network layer (OGN)
KK7 skyways and thermals
TopMeteo forecast layers
SkySight forecast layers
TopMeteo live Satelite picture
SkySight live Satellite picture
Upload to Online contests
Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud
Automatic airspace updates
Automatic database updates


The Oudie N comes with a complete set of accessories.

  • Oudie N unit
  • Getting Started Manual
  • Naviter padded carrying case (very nice!)
  • Naviter Universal Suction Cup Mount (works with Oudie N and most smart phones)
  • SeeYou Navigator Software and maps and airspace and waypoints for most of the world pre-installed
  • Voucher for one free year of SeeYou-Subscription
  • USB-C Data and Charging Cable - PC to Oudie N data and charging, USB A (rectangular connector for PC or 5V battery) to USB C (for Oudie N)
  • 5V Wall Charger with 3 adapters for use in many countries
  • SIM tray opener tool (for accessing the sim card slot)
  • A guarantee that when the IGC certified version is available, the upgrade will be possible for the difference in the price between the approved and the non-approved version of the Oudie N.

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