SoaringXX Canopy Cover

This is a new era of canopy covers!

These ship directly to you from SoaringXX in Slovenia.  Shipping costs are included in the price.

These are made of stretchy white fabric.  They are not metallic - they are better than metallic covers.  Metallic covers lose their metallic look after a year or 2 of use - and then look terrible.

Advantages over metallic covers:

  • They don’t peel 
  • They don't shrink or stretch
  • They are more resistant to strong Sun and UV!
  • The temperature is 3 degrees lower in the cockpit than with silver covers!

Our covers are optimized at each hinge and canopy locking location, and have an opening so you can reach through the canopy window to lock the canopy! In 99% of sailplane types - the canopy can be closed and locked when the cover is on.

Storage bag included.

Models available:

  • DG gliders (DG100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800)
  • Schempp Hirth (Ventus3, Ventus 3M, Ventus 2, Discus, Duo Discus, Janus, Arcus, Cirrus, Nimbus 3… )
  • Alexander Schleicher (ASW 19, ASW20, ASW 24, ASW 28, ASH 26, ASG 29, ASH 31, ASG 32)
  • Jonker Sailplanes (JS1, JS3)
  • Jantar 3
  • HPH Shark
  • LS1, LS3, LS4, LS6, LS8, LS10
  • Diana 2
  • Club Libelle

Sun Block Option
Instrument protection for gliders with front-hinged or rear-hinged canopies is a no-cost option, and highly recommended.  It consists of a piece of fabric that fills the "U"-shape at the back end of the canopy.  It blocks the sun from reflecting off the inside of the canopy and burning the instruments or other items in the cockpit.  This is more common that you would think!  It happens when the open (up) end of the canopy is pointing directly at the sun.  Our soaring club often operates from runway 36 (straight North) and our club's ASK 21 has had the instruments and instrument panel in the front seat, and the headrest in the back seat (when operating from runway 18) burned, melted, and smoking on many occasions.  The Sun Block Option is simple and free and prevents that from happening.

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  • Brand: SoaringXX
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