LXNAV TrafficView57 & TrafficView80
The TrafficView is designed to have the largest traffic display possible that fits into a standard instrument hole. The TrafficView57 fits into a standard 57 mm (2 1/4") instrument hole and the TrafficView80 fits into a standard 80 mm (3 1/8") instrument hole. Soaring pilots that are familiar with the very popular LXNAV S8, S80, S10, S100, V8 and V80 variometers will recognize that the display from those instruments is used here in the TrafficView - rotated 90 degrees so the buttos are below the screen.

FlarmView Overview Video

Video overview of the LXNAV TrafficView57 and TrafficView80 remote FLARM displays. I show how to use the products and also put them into demo mode so you can see how they will display traffic and collision warnings.
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Like the FlarmView2, the new TrafficView also offers waypoint and task navigation.

LXNAV has put a lot of thought into making the display of traffic intuitive - especially in urgent situations - as you can see from the images at right.

The TrafficView is designed for mounting in an instrument hole. If your sailplanes instrument panel doesn't have an available instrument hole, you may want to consider the LXNAV FlarmView, FlarmView2 and FlarmLED+

I suspect that the large 80mm version will be an ideal traffic display for soaring club sailplanes.

When connected to a PowerFLARM product, the TrafficView displays FLARM, ADS-B 1090, and PCAS (Mode C and Mode S transponder) traffic.

The user-interface consists of 3 push-buttons below the display and a single rotary knob with pushbutton functionality. It is designed to be extremly easy to use in flight. A microSD memory card slot on the front face of the unit makes firmware and FlarmNet updates extremely convenient.

The built-in speaker is very loud - which is important for traffic alerts.


  • Color Display
  • Display either relative altitude or climb rate or FLARM ID for every target
  • Displays climb rate, relative altitude, distance and FLARM ID for the selected target
  • TrafficView57 display: 2.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen (320 x 240 pixels) with 1200 nits of brightness
  • TrafficView80 display: 3.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen (320 x 240 pixels) with 1200 nits of brightness
  • Sunlight readable
  • Background color can be set to white or black
  • Small size
  • Loud accoustic warning
  • Color warnings
  • Mode C/S transponder traffic is displayed (when available) as a dashed ring - since distance is known, but not direction
  • microSD card slot and supplied microSD card are used for firmware and FlarmNet updates.
  • ADS-B traffic is displayed (when available)
  • Compatible with FLARM and PowerFLARM products
  • FlarmNet database and User database
  • Intuitive user interface with 3 push-buttons and single rotary/pushbutton knob


  • TrafficView57
    • 61 x 61 x ?? mm
    • Weight: ?? g
  • TrafficView80
    • 81 x 81 x ?? mm
    • Weight: ?? g


  • 12V power required, Works great with PowerFLARM and many FLARM units, but not with devices which supply only 3.3V power for displays. A power adapter cable is available for use with devices that supply only 3.3V power.
  • ? mA @ 12V (0.?? W)


  • TrafficView display
  • microSD memory card
  • Power/data cable with RJ11 connector for connection to the back of the unit and RJ45 connector for connection to FLARM or PowerFLARM display port,
    Cable Length: 24 inches (Let me know after ordering if you need a longer cable.)
  • Printed manual (supplied by Cumulus Soaring, Inc.)

Details are available in the TrafficView manual which is available here.

The latest FlarmNet database can be downloaded at http://www.flarmnet.org.
Every FLARM owner should register their FLARM on the FlarmNet web site. Then users with the latest FlarmNet database will be able to see not just their FLARM ID, but also their contest number, name, glider type, etc. That makes it easy to know which nearby target is your soaring friend, etc.

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