Padded Tie-down Strap with Metal Cam Buckle
This is a very nice tie-down strap with a padded foam cover over part of the strap and a metal cam buckle.  It is perfect for use as a very secure tie-down strap for securing a glider.  The padded area is soft to keep the strap from making scratches or marks on your glider.  However, I can't guarantee that it will never make any marks - wind and sand are tough adversaries.  The padded area is long enough to allow it to be wrapped around a wing tip or the tail of the glider 1 1/2 times (see photo at right) for a secure hold.

Perfect for use with The CLAW Aircraft Anchoring Systems (see complete kit below)

Width of blue strap: 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Width of red foam padding: 1.75" (44.5 mm)
Length of blue strap: 15' 6" (4.72 m)
Length of red foam padding (covers over part of the blue strap): 5' 3" (1.60 m)
Diameter of coil when coiled for storage: 6.5" (16.5 cm)

A complete set of 3 straps and 4 anchors would be ideal for most gliders with one on each wingtip (with a wing stand under each tip near the strap), one around the tail of the glider, and a short rope or strap to a tow-ring for securing the nose of the glider. 

Note: When using the straps to secure your glider's wing tip, be sure to use a wing stand under the wing near where the strap is used. 

Note: Do not wrap the strap around any control surfaces such as ailerons of flaps.

Note: There are no guarantees on the strength of this strap.  It is very strong, but don't come after me if your glider is damaged.


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Tie-Down Strap

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