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This page has links to a variety of accessories and installation supplies.

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Tie-Down EquipmentBig-Screw Big-Screw EZ Tie Down - Portable Aircraft Tie-Down System
The Claw
The CLAW - Aircraft Anchoring System
JJ Sinclair
Pair of JJ Sinclair wing tie-down saddles and straps with hooks
Tie-Down Strap
Tie-down strap with padding and metal cam buckle   
Tie-Down Kit
Sailplane tie-down kit with 3 straps and 3 CLAW anchors3 x  + 
Total Energy ProbesEsa-SystemsTE Probes, Double Probes, Triple Probes, Mounts

ILECFin and fuselage mounted TE Probes and mounts  

Tow Rings
SchweizerClassic Schweizer tow ring


TOST double rings

Tubing Connectors
ILECAir Filter and Water Tra     
Plastic Tubing ConnectorsPlastic Tubing Connectors
WinterInstrument tubing, metal tubing connectors and water traps.  The metal connectors are very nice.  Unlike plastic connectors, they can be re-used.       

USB to Serial  Adapters
FTDI ChipFTDI Chip USB Serial Adapter - for connecting your soaring instrument or PDA to a PC that doesn't have an RS-232 serial port.
WatchesWinterWatch with glider image and Winter logo
Water Meters
Water Meter Kit-HPHigh-performance water meter for measuring water volume for waterballast tanks
Wingtip, Skids 
MZ SuppliesLight weight wing tip skids

Wingtip WeightsWeighted bags for use holding down the glider's wingtip while on the ground


JJ Sinclair
Wing Runner - compact wingtip wheel
Yaw String BumperMK IV Yaw String


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