Flight Recorder Calibration
On January 15, 2010 Cumulus Soaring, Inc. received approval from the Soaring Society of America as an approved GPS flight recorder and barograph calibration lab.  

IGC Calibration Requirement Frequency Change
In the past, IGC rules required GPS flight recorders to be calibrated every 2 years. In October of 2013 the IGC changed the rule - requiring GPS flight recorders to be calibrated every 5 years. It does not matter whether your last calibration was done before or after October 2013. To use it for badge or record verification it must have been calibrated within 5 years. For some badges and records it is acceptable to get the calibration done after flight (within 60 days?). However, some national and world altitude records require calibration both before (within 5 years) and after (within 30 days?) the flight. The new 5 year fule is in section 4.4.4 in the 2013 edition of the Sporting Code, Section 3.

Send your unit to me and I will calibrate it quickly and accurately. I work hard to provide the most accurate, detailed and highest altitude calibration data available. My calibration system can go up to more than 60,000+ feet (as you can see in the data sheets at right). Note: Not all GPS flight recorders record altitudes that high, but many do.

My calibration lab meets all the requirements put forward by the SSA for Category 2 Calibration Labs.  You can see details on the SSA web site here: http://www.ssa.org/myhome.asp?mbr=5361749529&show=blog&id=941

I also follow all the procedures and requirements set forward by the FAI in the Sporting Code Section 3 (Gliding), Annex C ("Official Observer & Pilot Guide"), Section 11 ("Flight Recorders - Calibration Procedure") which is available here: http://www.fai.org/igc-documents

Brands Supported
I am able to calibrate all brands and types of barographs and flight recorders.  I can calibrated and re-seal the brands listed below.

  • Cambridge GPS-NAV, 302, 302A
  • ClearNav Flight Computer, ClearNav II Flight Computer, ClearNav CNv Variometer
  • EW: Model D, microRecorder
  • FLARM: Classic FLARM, PowerFLARM Core, PowerFLARM Portable, PowerFLARM Fusion
  • Garrecht Volkslogger
  • LX Navigation: Colibri, Colibri II, LX20, DX50, LX5000, LX7000, LX7007, Era, Zeus
  • LXNAV: LX8000, LX8030, LX8040, LX8080, LX9000, LX9050, LX9070, Nano, Nano3, Nano4, PowerMouse
  • Naviter Oudie IGC, Oudie N

Fast Service
I realize that there are times when calibrations are needed urgently.  1 day service is standard.

Barographs must be calibrated every year and GPS Flight Recorders must be calibrated every 5 years.  Calibration is necessary if you are using the unit as flight evidence for badge or record flights.

Please include a check for $95 plus the estimated return shipping cost.  UPS Ground is usually less than $25 (with insurance).  If you overpay I will include a refund check in the box with the unit.

Quantity Discounts
I can put many flight recorders into the calibration chamber at one time and make a single calibration run. That saves me considerable time. However the paperwork still takes time for each individual unit. I therefore offer the discounts below when I receive multiple units for calibration at once. You also save money on shipping costs when you send multiple loggers to me in one shipment. The discounts only apply to units shipped to me in a single box and paid for with a single check. The units must also be shipped back to a single address.

  • 1 unit: $95
  • 2 units: $90 each
  • 3 units: $85 each
  • 4 units: $80 each
  • 5 or more units: $75 each

Shipping Address
The shipping address is on the bottom of every page on this web site.

Please include a note in the box with the information listed below.  I can't send it back to you if I don't have your name and address.  I can't contact you with questions if you don't include your phone number or e-mail address.

  • Name
  • Address
  • e-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Barograph or Flight Recorder Type and Serial Number
  • Desired return shipping method (UPS Ground is standard)

The output of the calibration run is a set of 5 calibration data sheets.  Printed versions are sent to you with the unit.  I also email the data sheets to you - to make it easy to forward them to an Official Observer and to the badge and record verification person.

Turn Around time: 1 day

$95 plus return shipping

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