3D Renderings of Soaring Flights - Charlies S. Thaeler III - Very cool!
3D Tracer - 3D IGC Flight Viewer - Shareware
Aerodynamics Software - Software for airfoil and wing analysis - Hanley Innovations
Airspace - Program for creating SUA (Special Use Airspace) data files for any region of the US. - Carl Ekdahl
CAL Soaring Flight Analysis Software
Cambridge Aero Instruments - GammaFV, A simple IGC file viewer for analyzing glider flights on Apple Mac OS X, by Richard Lancaster
CEGlide - Affordable final glide software for soaring pilots
Condor - The Competition Soaring Simulator
CouTraCi - Flight Analysis Software
Crabb Computing - UK Retailer of WinPilot, Volkslogger, Garmax and Borgelt
Cross Country Task Planner
Cumulus - The Qtopia soaring flight computer, Soaring Software for Pocket PCs
Cumulus Soaring, Inc. - Paul Remde - Soaring software for Pocket PCs: Glide Navigator II, Flight Analysis, VL to IGC
CuSoft Polar Explorer - Free DOS program designed for analyzing both theoretical and practical aspects of glider performance in any conditions. Works under Windows.
Downloading Flight Recorders - Simple instructions and software for downloading flight logs from many flight recorders
EW Avionics 
"FAI Approved" Flight Recorders
FAI listing of programs which display IGC flight log files
Flight Analysis - Soaring flight log analysis program for Pocket PCs - by Henryk Birecki
Flight Check and SUA files - Tim Newport Peace
Flight Club - Online Soaring Simulator
Flight Display - Henryk Birecki
FlightMap - John McCullagh - Windows software for task planning, viewing and analyzing GPS flight recordings and for organizing flights into a logbook.  Maps are specific to the U.K.
Flight Track - View flights over 3D terrain with map overlays.  Mac OSX
Filser Electronic GmbH
FlightPro 3D and 4D Flight Analysis Software - Analyze - WinCE IGC flight analysis software for pocket PCs, also Navigator moving map with airspace depictions.
Fugawi - GPS software in Spanish
G7toCE - Download flight tracks from Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance/Eagle GPSs and save them in an IGC file on a Pocket PC or Handheld PC - Free
G7toWin - Download flight tracks from Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance/Eagle GPSs and save them in an IGC file on a PC - Free
GammaFV - GammaFV is a simple IGC file viewer for analyzing glider flights on Apple Mac OS X, by Richard Lancaster
Garmap Win - Freeware for downloading and uploading Garmin Track logs, Waypoints and Routes
Garmin to IGC - Utility that downloads track logs from Garmin GPS's and saves the data in an IGC file - Ian Molesworth - Free
Garrecht - VolksLogger

GeoPS - Human Software - Volkslogger software for Apple Macintosh
Glide Navigator II - Soaring software, final glide, moving map, latest version of what was known as Pocket-NAV, by Chip Garner
GlidePlan - Soaring flight planning software with U.S. Sectional Charts and glide rings, by Matt Herron

Gliding Club Management System - IDEAL Microsystems
GPLIGC and openGLIGCexplorer - View flights over #D terrain with map overlays. Also allows use of 3d glasses to view in true 3D. Really cool. Can be run independently or from within GPLIGC-Flight analysis and viewing software. Also can optimize and upload flights to the OLC. The optimizer is the same one used in the backside of the OLC. Very useful tool. These both are run under Unix, so they will also run under Linux and Mac OSX.
GPS_LOG - Henryk Birecki - Navigation and logging program (see also Soaring Pilot Software below).
GPS Logger for Palm Pilot - Patric Nolle
HP/Compaq Spare Parts Store - Replacement lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for the Compaq Aero 1500 series Pocket PCs. The replacement part number is: 146656-001.  Enter that part number into the "Spare Part Number" search box.  They sell for about $51.
IGC Flight Replay - Replay an IGC flight log in Google Earth and view a variometer gauge, etc.  Very cool!
IGC Webview - Free web page based IGC flight log viewer, by Alistair Malcolm Green and Richard Brisbourne
IGCview - Soaring log file analysis by Ian Forster-Lewis - FREE Flight Analysis Software which runs in any browser!  
ICG/GPX to KML Converter - Submit your flight's IGC or GPX file and receive a Google Earth file representing your flight.
KartenTeam - German Pocket PC map software
LX Navigation
NavEdit - Turnpoint editing software to use with Palm-NAV on WinCE device
New Technologies - Easy Matchbox Variometer - Italy
PC-Flight Log for Glider Pilots - Cecil Ricardo - Cheshire, UK
Sailors of the Sky - Soaring Flight Simulator
SeeYou - Flight Planning and Analysis
Silent Wings - Silent Wings Soaring Simulator for Windows and Linux and the Silent Wings viewer for visualization of flights - Norway
Soar - A Virtual Soaring Society - Dedicated to Microsoft Flight Simulator Soaring - Impressive collections of sailplanes, etc.
Soaring Clouds - Plug-ins for Condor - Alan Mattano - Argentina
Soaring Computer Programs
Soaring Flight Simulator
Soaring Flight Viewer - FREE
Soaring Hotspot Project - Any interesting project to map locations with strong thermals using flight log files.
Soaring Pilot Software - GPS Log for WinCE
Soaring Pilot Flight Analysis Program for WinCE devices
SoaringPilot - Soaring Software for Palm OS Devices - Free
StrePla - Task planning and flight analysis software, Dealer: Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
Taskfinder Software
TaskNAV - Flight Planning and GPS Analysis System for Glider Pilots
Tasman Instruments - Instruments for Sport Aviation, and Gliding Club Computer System - Australia 
Teletype GPS - Aviation Moving Map Software for WinCE
Using your Garmin GPS as a sailplane flight recorder - Rudd Holswilder - also available here.
VL to IGC - Volkslogger flight log download utility for Pocket PCs
vPos - Virtual Position software and hardware for real-time tracking of gliders and viewing in 3D.
Waypoint +
WinScore Contest Scoring Program
WinScore Contest Viewing Program - 3D views of multiple flights
XCPAS - Cross Country Programs and Databases - Freeware
XCSoar - Soaring software for Pocket PCs.

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