• Soaring Beyond the Clouds

Soaring Beyond the Clouds - Einar Enevoldson Reaches for 100,000 Feet
Author:  Bertha M. Ryan
Book, Paperback, 318 pages, Published in 2010
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches (152 x 229 mm)

Soaring Beyond the Clouds tells the fascinating story of Einar Enevoldson’s life on the leading edge of flight. It is a book that will be enjoyed by all aviation fans whether or not they are pilots.

Author Bertha M. Ryan

Review on rec.aviation.soaring by Val Paget

"Add this to your Christmas list! 

Author Bertha Ryan, MIT educated aerospace engineer and much honored aviator, puts you in the backseat and takes you through Enevoldson’s many amazing and often tense moments as a glider pilot, Air Force pilot, and NASA research test pilot.

Einar Enevoldson is forever connected to the world record altitude flight he and Steve Fossett made, but that is just one of his amazing flights. Recovery from a flat spin while testing an F-14 and his land-out in an F-104 are just two of the “interesting” moments described.

The Appendix, a four page, two-columned list of the planes Enevoldson has flown, adds the final “Wow!” factor.

Ryan presents the complexities of the aviation design, flight characteristics and aviation weather in ways that both the general reader and an aeronautical expert will find fascinating. The information about such phenomena as the Stratospheric Polar Night Jet deepens our understanding of the world of high altitude flight. The stories about Enevoldson and other illustrious people in aviation, and the many pictures make this book an essential part of any aviation collection.

Ryan is generously donating all proceeds to the SSA. Go order copies for yourself, your friends and family."

Review by Paul Remde
I enjoyed the book very much.  My favorite parts included:

  • History of “University of El Mirage” - El Mirage is a soaring site that was home to many famous soaring pilots.
  • Test pilot with NASA at Edwards Air Force Base: lifting body aircraft, etc.
  • World record altitude flights with Steve Fossett
  • Plans for the future of the Perlan project

Cover photo by Michael Aley

Perlan glider being towed off from Inyokern Airport (California, USA) where they did some testing before setting the record in Argentina.  Einar and Steve Fossett are in the sailplane.

The 2 photos below are produced in black and white in the book.  

Einar Enevoldson in Perlan Glider - Photo by Bertha M. Ryan

Einar Enevoldson in X-24B - Photo from NASA

Einar Enevoldson & Steve Fossett with Perlan Glider - Photo by Bertha M. Ryan

Einar Enevoldson with X-24B - Photo from NASA


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Soaring Beyond the Clouds

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