Sailplane Design Example
- Design Calculation Example, Structural Dimensioning, Technical Specifications, Design Rules
Language: English
Author:  Vittorio Pajno
Published: 2016
Paperback, 315 pages, many black & white images, many drawings, diagrams, sailplane "transparent views", tables, and equations

Dimensions: 6.7 x 9.4 x 0.6 inches (170 x 240 x 15 mm)

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Table of Contents (PDF) 

Please see the images at right to view the book's Table of Contents, Foreword, Introduction, and Conclusion. Together with the other page scans, they give a good overview of the content of the book.

Anyone interested in designing a sailplane will find this book invaluable. It is a great companion book to "Sailplane Design" by the same author.

About the Author
Vittorio Pajno is a Dr. Ing. graduated at the Institute of Technology of Torino, Italy. He was associated as a student in teh "Centro di Volo a Vela del Politecnico di Torino" with Prof. Piero Morelli and has published several books about light airplanes and glider design in the Italilan language. The books Sailplane Designand Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability have been published in English.

Among several aeronautical activities, he has organized the Motorless Flight Symposium in Varese and the Sport Aviation Symposium at the Politecnico of Milano. he is the designer of the V 1/2 Rondine, shown on the cover of this book.

Review from "Luftsport and Der Adler" by Werner Scholze (translated from German)

Book review of the book - "Sailplane Design Example - design calculation example, Structural dimensioning, Technical specifications & design rules" by Dr. Vittorio Pajno

The book of Pajno is published in English in 2016 by the publisher IBN Instituto Bibliografico Napoleone in Rome, Italy and is available under the ISBN number (13) 9788875652579.

The theory behind the essential topics of an aircraft design for a glider is explained in four sections on 315 pages in the format 24 x 17 cm: the calculation of the essential performances and loads as well as the interpretation of the most important structural components and the proof of sufficient strength.

Vittorio Pajno, a former student with Prof. Piero Morelli in Turin, has already written several books on the design of light-weight motors and gliders in Italian. The book "Sailplane Design" and "Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability" are already available in English.

In the introduction of the book, the author describes how he himself inspired by Ostiv's publications to search for suitable documents for the construction of a glider, in order finally to contribute to the fact that such information is available to potential prospective customers.

The following is a brief chapter of the important documents and books that are essential for such a design, followed by a historical sketch of the construction of gliders until today.

The two main sections then deal step-by-step with the construction of a glider - a standard class aircraft with a high-wing wing and a lightweight design is used as an example.
Each subchapter is usually stored with a corresponding example calculation, associated diagrams and illustrations so that the reader is also shown in detail, which is respectively calculated and / or optimized.

In accordance with the usual order in the design of airplanes, Pajno first calculates the necessary airplanes for design and verification and then builds the resulting masses and loads on the structure as well as the disconnections between the main components.

From these loadings, the stresses in the components themselves, ie the corresponding stresses and forces, are determined in the following section, and the components are dimensioned in such a way that the required minimum safety can be achieved.

The respective requirements of the building regulations of the EASA or of the FAA, which are typical today, are cited as examples.

With this book, Pajno once again addresses the students of aviation engineering as well as amateur aircraft builders and, in addition to many special and detailed knowledge, also provides information on who should be involved in such a project as an expert or for further assistance.

Thus, his latest book is in the tradition of his two previous books, which are also intended for the designer of such aircraft, as well as for anyone interested in these special subjects.

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Sailplane Design Example

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