RAMI AV-74-1 Blade Style Transponder or DME Antenna

This antenna is like the AV-74 - but with longer mounting studs - which is nice when trying to mount it through a glider fuselage.

The AV-74 is a broadband blade type antenna for transponder or DME application. The antenna housing is constructed of an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic (ASA) shell. The white color allows maximum performance without losses due to color pigments or unseen dirt. The antenna is supplied with cellular neoprene mounting pad and hardware. The antenna is designed to operate at speeds up to 350 mph and altitudes up to 50,000 ft. It has a drag force of 0.09 lbs @ 250 mph. This antenna is a direct replacement for Comant's model CI-105-16.

Length of Mounting Studs: 20 mm (0.80 in)

See: Tips for Ground Planes for Transponder Antennas

Product Sheet

Frequency:960 to 1220 MHz
Impedance:50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR:1.5 to 1 Maximum
Connector:Type "BNC" Female
Max Weight:0.2 Lb
Max Height:3.4"
RF Power Capacity:2.5 kW Peak
SCHEDULE B CODE     8529104000
ColorGloss White
Rami Specifications
TSO C66c,C74c
Frequency 960 to 1220 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR 1.5 to 1 Maximum
Connector Type "BNC" Female
Max Weight 0.2 Lb
Max Height: 3.4"
RF Power Capacity 2.5 kW Peak
SCHEDULE B CODE 8529104000
3M Specifications
Color Gloss White

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