• RAM-A-336U

RAM A 9/16" Ball with Female Camera Thread Hole
The RAM-A-336U ball base, consists of a 9/16" diameter "A" size rubber ball, connected to base with a hole with female 1/4"-20 camera thread.

A black, 1/2" long pan head 1/4"-20 mounting screw and 2 lock washers are included.

Note: The mounting screw and lock washers are not provided by RAM.  They are provided by Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

Most people find that the "A" sized components work fine for holding a Pocket PC in an aircraft or automobile.  However, I have received a significant number of complaints about the rubber balls detaching from the bases.  I therefore recommend the larger "B" sized arms for most soaring applications.  In fact, one customer temporarily lost control of his sailplane when his PDA cradle fell off the RAM A arm and jammed the control stick.  I have never heard of a RAM "B" size arm component failing.

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  • Brand: RAM
  • Product Code: RAM-A-336U
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