Polar Data

Polar Data

I am often asked to provide polar data to customers.  For liability reasons I cannot provide "official" polar data.  Below is "unofficial" data sent to me by glider pilots from around the world.  If you disagree with the data below please let me know and I'll include your version of the data as well.

Help Requested
This page could be a valuable resource as more data is added.  Please send me data for the sailplanes you fly. 
Note: The data must be formatted to fit in the table below.  It must be in the units used in the table.  I'm sorry, but I do not have time to do conversions or take data from raw data sent to me.

When submitting data please copy the text below and paste it into an e-mail.

The polar data below is not verified or endorsed in any way.  Use it at your own risk. 

Sailplane Cruising Polar Coefficients and Weight Limits - Collection of polar data for many sailplanes by Carl Herold hosted by WinPilot author Jerry Plaszowiecki
Soaring Links - Theory, Equations & Spreadsheets by Paul Remde
Soaring Files - Spreadsheets, stories, forms, flight logs, etc. - collected by Paul E. Remde
Southern Cross Gliding Club - Jim Rennie (spreadsheet) & Beverley Matthews (data) - Includes a spreadsheet with polar curves for many, many gliders - Direct Links: Spreadsheet: Polar10.xls, Instructions: Exploring the Polar

Polar Adjustment and Conversion Spreadsheet
Polar data only applies to a given wing loading and therefore weight of a glider.  Changes to the weight will change the airspeed numbers as well.  Your glide computer would not work properly if you simply adjust the weight amount to that of your glider.  The Remde_Polar_Analysis.xlsx spreadsheet below can be used to adjust the polar speed numbers due to differences in weight in your glider compared to the glider used to measure the polar.  The dry all up weight in the table below should be the weight at which the polar data was measured.  It should not be the weight of your particular glider.  The spreadsheets can be used to calculate the airspeed numbers for your glider at its current weight including pilot(s) and parachute(s).

Remde_Polar_Analysis.xlsx - Enter polar data in "Cambridge", "Reichmann", or "Naviter/LXNAV" format and adjust the polar to the weight of your gilder. Also view polar plots and print final glide tables.

Procedure for Creating Polar Data for Your Sailplane

  1. Find flight test data or a factory polar or data from the table below
  2. Take data from the polar and enter it into the Remde_Polar_Analysis.xlsx spreadsheet found above.  It is my opinion that the Cambridge approach to representing polar data is the most accurate way to enter the data.
  3. Enter into the spreadsheet the weight of the glider when the data was measured
  4. Enter the all-up dry weight of your glider with you and everything you fly with
  5. Read the polar data for your glider from the spreadsheet
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