Pure Planes Wood Display Model Kit

1935 DFS Rhönsperber

  • Decorative laser-cut wood airplane model kit with stand
  • Some assembly and gluing required - Can be purchased fully assembled as an extra cost option.
  • Made of high quality birch plywood
  • Year: 1935
  • Wingspan: 317 mm (12.5 inches)
  • Scale 1:48
  • Included: plywood boards with laser-cut parts, building instructions, sandpaper, small bottle of glue
  • This model is a display model, not a flying model
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up

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Option: Built by Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

  • These kits are easy to build, but gluing models is not for everyone.  We can optionally build the model for you - so it is ready to display upon arrival. See pricing at right.

Option: Custom Engraving

  • We can laser engrave a glider ID and/or contest number on to both sides of the glider fuselage for you - if desired.
  • We can laser engrave most anything onto the stand base for you.  These model kits make great awards and trophies!  For example: "1st Solo, John Doe, July 1, 2020", or "1st Off-Field Landing", or "2021 U.S. Sport Class Nationals, 1st Place - Day 1", We can even engrave a corporate logo or most any line drawing or bitmap black and white image.  

Note about the Rhonsperber posted to Facebook by Robert Danewid (auto-translated)
Pure Planes latest model of classic sailplanes is Rhönsperber from 1935. Rhönsperber was constructed by Hans Jacobs and was a regular sailplane in the later part of the 30th century, more than 100 were built. Rhönsperber was the first sailplane with adjustable pedals and backrest. The hood sat on hinges and was dropped to the right. In addition, there were disturbances, which were later replaced by DFS brakes.

What I know, there has been no Rhönsperber in Sweden, but the aircraft still has a Swedish connection.
In 1936, Peter Riedel traveled together with Hanna Reitsch and Joachim Kuettner (the wave flight's great explorer) to Sweden and the inauguration of Bromma airport. Here Peter and Hanna made a series of show flights. On June 6, Riedel was in Malmö for a flight day, he started from Bulltofta in a Rhönsperber, connected south of Lund at 450 m and then went over Öresund and landed at Kastrup, today's Copenhagen Airport. A flight of about 40 km. The flight is considered the first real soaring flight over open water. Riedel received the price of SEK 1, which the newspaper Politiken set up. The flight is described in Von Hangwind zur Thermik, part 2 of Riedel's eminent trilogy on soaring flight history 1920-1939, and there is, among other things, that he could have flown on, because the weather was good, but the day after it was flight day at Bulltofta where it was The Swedish crown prince couple was honorable guests. Note that back then there was no controlled airspace, so everything was much easier........
On June 6, 1986, it was 50 years since Peter Riedel soared over Öresund. And this is what Kongelig Danish Aeroclub (KDA) wanted to draw attention. Three years earlier, I had (glide) flown from Bulltofta to Kastrup and then back to Bulltofta. Then it was the 50 year memory of the first glide flight over Öresund by Sparrmann in ESG-31. Riedel's flight three years later was thus a real soaring flight.
KDA's legendary secretary general Per Weishaupt gave birth to the idea that Peter Riedel, who was now over 80 years old, would redo the flight, but with me (who was also an islander) as a ′′ security driver ". We would fly in Malmöklubbens Twin Astir. Riedel accepted the invitation and the planning started. I was over to Kastrup for a couple of meetings. The plan was that we would start either at Bulltofta (at that time there were large areas and half the rollerway was left on Bulltofta) or from the Malmö Club's field Sövde at Sjöbo. We would connect Malmö and fly over to Kastrup (it is only barely 2 miles, so if the thermal was excluded, it was still no problem). At Kastrup we would land on one of the old grass straws, where Riedel has landed in 1936, but has not been in use for several decades. The management of Kastrup would fix that they were cut up and fixed so it was possible to land. The airspace was also no problem, ATS would keep the airspace clean for us, we had prima one (! ). After landing, there would be a reception with VIP and ′′ foam and chips ′′ and it was sponsored by the airline SAS. So it was a really big arrangement and everything was ready and ready for the big day.
A few days before June 6, we were told that Riedel has become ill and was prohibited by his doctor from traveling to Sweden / Denmark. Ride. Ride.

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Pure Planes DFS Rhönsperber

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