USB C OTG Flash Drive Adapter

USB-C to USB 3.1 Adapter, USB-C Male to USB-A Female, Uses USB OTG (On-The-Go) Technology

Great for connecting a USB Flash Drive (not included) to an Oudie N, Tripltek 7 Pro, Tripltek 8 Pro, or most any Android device with a USB-C port.

Tip - The easiest way to move waypoint files and flight log files to and from the Oudie N is to connect the Oudie N to the internet over Wi-Fi and use the SeeYou.Cloud.  Waypoint files can be loaded into the SeeYou.Cloud as "Collections". Collections include both waypoints and tasks.  Collections are automatically synced from the SeeYou.Cloud into the Oudie N when the Oudie N is connected to the internet.  It is really slick.  You can add a task to a collection using the SeeYou.Cloud on a PC or Mac or iPad or iPhone or Android device, and the new task will be available immediately in the Oudie N.  Likewise, flight logs are automatically transferred from the Oudie N to the SeeYou.Cloud.  I probably won't ever need to use this USB flash drive adapter.  But it would be very handy at remote soaring sites at which internet connections are not available - even through mobile phones.  I have heard that several major U.S. soaring sites have very poor internet availability.  If you can't connect the Oudie N to the internet after a flight, it won't sync your flight up to the SeeYou.Cloud.  So when it is tough to connect your Oudie N to the internet, this adapter would make it somewhat easy to copy flight logs from the Oudie N to a USB flash drive to give to the contest scorer.  Likewise, if there are last-minute updates to the contest waypoint file, you could use this adapter and a USB flash drive to copy the contest waypoint file into the Oudie N.

*** Note: USB flash drive NOT included

The Oudie N's built-in File Manager app doesn't currently support connection to a USB flash drive using this adapter, but files can be copied between the Oudie N and connected USB flash drive using the tips below.

How to access files on a connected USB flash drive through this adapter:

  • Go to Settings > Storage
  • Click on the USB Flash Drive. 
  • Tap and hold on a file or files to select them. 
  • Use the top-right button that looks like three dots oriented vertically to copy the selected items. 
  • The Navigator app stores waypoint files in the Oudie N > Android > data >,com.naviter.SeeYouNavigator > files >  collections directory.

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Flash Drive Adapter - USB-C

  • Brand: Naviter
  • Product Code: Flash Drive Adapter - USB-C
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  • $25.00

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