5I VHF Communication and Navigation Antenna - Perpendicular Connector

Designed for use with aviation radio communication and navigation frequencies of 118 to 136 MHz.

The 5I series has the BNC connection positioned so that the coax cable would route out and away from the antenna mounting surface. This configuration is offered for antenna installations such as wing tips of fabric aircraft. If the antenna is mounted on the inside of the tip, the coax route is directly inward toward the wing root and the BNC connection is located near the spar to provide support for the cable.

Installation Information
This antenna is ideal for use in the vertical fin of a fiberglass sailplane or in the fuselage of a wood or steel tube and fabric glider.  Note that they are designed to be oriented vertically (standing up) - not horizontally (laying down).  Modern carbon fiber sailplanes are designed to accommodate antennas in the vertical fin.  The fin is specifically built using fiberglass rather than carbon fiber for that reason.  They also work great in restorations of antique and classic aircraft when you don't want an exposed whip antenna.  These antennas will not work in metal aircraft.

Fabric airframes can use this antenna in either the fuselage or the wing. Silver dope is not a problem with this antenna, however, attention must be given to the attachment of the antenna to the airframe to optimize performance. In a wing installation, attachment to a wooden rib or wooden spar is a must. In the fuselage, behind the seats in the tail cone is best. Here it is best to keep the antenna away from the metal structure.

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