The Story of Gliding - SAMPLE
Author:  Ann Welch
Copyright: 1980
38 Pages (sample only - not the complete book - for copyright reasons)

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From the Dust Cover
Of all ways of flying, silent soaring flight brings men closest to flying like the birds.  Ann and Lorne Welch, both glider pilots of world renown, have written the inspiring story of how gliding developed.  After describing the almost legendary earliest attempts they give an account of the brave experiments of ht e18th and 19th centuries; then trace the ever-quickening 20th century progress that stemmed from the application of scientific method to the principles and practice of flight.  They show how the Germans gave a crucial impetus to gliding in the 1930s by their successive exploration of hill lift, soaring in clouds and storms, dry thermals and standing waves.  These researches opened the way to astonishing advances in glider design and flying technique after the 1939 War, culminating in climbs to over 45,000 feet and distance flights of 1,000 km.  The sport has now become truly international and with gliding clubs flourishing all over the world is open to almost anyone.  This book provides the background to one of the most exhilarating and challenging forms of mastery upon which a man may venture.

This is one of my favorite old soaring books.  The historical photos and stories are very interesting. - Paul Remde

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The Story of Gliding

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