Theory, Equations and Spreadsheets

Theory, Equations & Spreadsheets

Airfoil Coordinates Database - UIUC
Aviation Formulas
 - by Ed Williams
Dynamic Soaring
Minnesota Soaring Club Glider Info. - Bob Hanson
Polars - User supplied polar data for Glide Navigator II, Pocket-NAV, Palm-NAV, Cambridge L-NAV, 302 and WinPilot - by Paul Remde.
Sailplane Cruising Polar Coefficients and Weight Limits - Collection of polar data for many sailplanes by Carl Herold hosted by WinPilot author Jerry Plaszowiecki
Soaring Files - Spreadsheets, stories, forms, flight logs, etc. - collected by Paul E. Remde
Soaring Papers - John Cochrane - Very interesting papers on MacCready theory and start strategy
Soaring Symposia Archive

Speed-To-Fly Calculator 
- Bob Hanson

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