Soaring Sites- International

Other web sites with extensive links to soaring sites - lots of links to soaring sites
Worldwide Soaring - Details on places to fly gliders around the world - Christian Suttner

Club Argentino de Planeadores Albatros - Biggest and oldest South American Club, Located in Buenos Aires
Australian Soaring Centre - Corowa
-Bathurst Soaring Club The BSC is the closest soaring club to Sydney with virtually unrestricted airspace (approx. 2 hours drive due west). The club has150 members, a club fleet of 3 trainers & 3 solo gliders, clubrooms, bunkhouse and owns its airfield. We welcome new members & visitors.
-Beverley Soaring Society
-Byron Power Gliding Club - Gliding Club on the north coast of NSW, Australia with mostly motorgliders in the fleet, flight training, joy flights, ridge and wave flying with amazing views over the pacific ocean and beaches
-Caboolture Gliding Club - Queensland

-Canberra Gliding Club
-Darling Downs Soaring Club
-Geelong Gliding Club - Established in Victoria, in 1929, Geelong Gliding Club was the first gliding club in Australia.
-Morning Glory - Gulf of Carpentaria
-Orana Soaring Club - Narromine - Contact - Click to e-mail
-Southern Cross Gliding Club - Camden (near Sydney)
-Waikerie Gliding Club - Glider training, hire, and maintenance
-Aeroclube de Balsa Nova - Próximo a Curitiba (PR) 
-Aeroclube de Bauru 
-Aeroclube de Jundiaí (SP) - Soaring club 25 minuts from São Paulo downtown
-Club de vol à voile de Québec - Located 35 kilometers north west of the city of Québec
-Invermere Soaring Centre
-Montreal Soaring Council - Links to other Canadian Soaring Sites
-Soaring Association of Canada
-SOSA Gliding Club - Canada's Largest Soaring Club - near Toronto/Hamilton, Ontario.
-Vancouver Soaring Association
-Winnipeg Gliding Club
-York Soaring Association - near Toronto
-Osijek Flight Club
Czech Republic
Aeroklub Breclav
-Midtsjællands Svæveflyveklub
-Ridali Lennuklubi
-Räyskälä Airfield - The largest soaring (and sport aviation) center in Finland and Scandinavia, Located in southern Finland.
-Centre National de Vol à Voile
-Quo Vadis - Gliding aerodrome south of France run by Klaus Ohlmann, performance training, small and friendly aerodrome
Aero Club Landau PF. E.V.
-"idaflieg" Association of German Academic Flying Groups
-Soaring Club Pinneberg - Site is available in English as well, Region: Schleswig-Holstein
-Worldwide Soaring - Details on places to fly gliders around the world - Christian Suttner
-Mugello Gliding - Aeroclub Volovelistico del Mugello - Soaring in Tuscany
Kaz SHIMADA's soaring and aerospace homepage
New Zealand
-Gliding New Zealand
-Twentsche Zweefvliegclub
-Vereniging Historische Zwiefvliegtuigen - Vintage Glider Club of the Netherlands
-Zweefvlieg Club Deelen
Gardermoen seilflyklubb - Elverum / Oslo - Active Club, 80 members
-Aeroklub Polski 
-Mountain Gliding School "Zar" - Very nice site!
-Ziemi Lubuskiej
South Africa
-Magalies Gliding Club - Magaliesburg (NW of Johannesburg)
-Soaring Safaris - Bloemfontein 
-Soaring Society of South Africa - links to many clubs in South Africa
Segelflyget - Swedish Soaring Federation - This site has links to over 50 soaring sites in Sweden
Site with links to Clubs in Switzerland
United Kingdom
-Bath Wilts & N Dorset Gliding Club - Weekend gliding club in SW England
-British Gliding Association
-Buckminster Gliding Club - Saltby Airfield, on the border of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.
-Cotswold Gliding Club - at Aston Down Airfield in Gloucestershire
-Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club - Wormingford Airfield, Fordham Road, Wormingford, Colchester
-General Aviation Awareness Council
-Lasham Gliding Society
-Nene Valley Gliding Club - many links to other soaring clubs
-Norfolk Gliding Club
-ShireNewton - Trailers and repairs
-Staffordshire Gliding Club
-Vectis Gliding Club, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

-Yorkshire Gliding Club - Yorkshire's premier gliding and soaring site. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. Ridge, thermal and wave flying all year round!


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