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3D Renderings of Soaring Flights - Charlie Thaeler - Very, Very Cool!
Addresses of Suppliers for Soaring Related Products - by Guenther Seemann
Aircraft N-Number Search - on Landings.com
Brochures - Historical Brochures of Gliders and Motorgliders
Dutch Junior Gliding Team
Fiddlers Green - Very cool paper card model airplanes for sale, many nice sailplane models.
Gliding in Kenya - Click on the link to "gliding"
Google Earth - 3D views of the world - Free
Google News - Link to the latest Soaring or Gliding related news
JM Precision Card Models - Cool paper card models of sailplanes

Kilbourne, Ed - singer, humorist, folk-theologian and Fly-By-Night recording artist
Langer, Hans J. - Soaring Safaris
Morning Glory - Australian Wave Photos
Mountain Wave Project
Mt. Rainier Wave
Payne, Jim - Region 12 SSA Director soaring web page
Perlan Project - Phase 2 Objective: To soar to 100,000 feet using stratospheric mountain waves!
Seemann, G√ľnther - Soaring web page
 - Al Macdonald's Soaring Pages
Slovak Soaring Server

Soaring HotSpot Project
Soaring Online Flight Training Info.

Soaring Glossary - Karin's Gliding Glossary - English/German
Soaring Glossary - English to German
Soaring Glossary - German to English
Soaring Glossary - Gliding Glossary - English/German/French
SIFOW - Span is for Wimps
Tobeon - Tom Bradley's personal web site
Vintage Sailplane Trading Cards
Wing Refinishing Project -  Ken Kochanski

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