Badge Flying

Barron Hilton Cup
John Cochrane's papers - MacCready and other theory of how to fly contests
F.A.I. Fédération Aéronautique Internationale 
F.A.I. Sporting Code - Section 3
   - International Rules for Badges & Records. 
   - Official Observer & Pilot Guide
   - Rules for International and Continental Soaring Championships
   - Technical Requirements for Equipment use in Validation of Flights
   - Forms required for Badges and Records
F.A.I. Approved Flight Recorders
IGC File Name Decoding Made Easy
 - by John DeRosa - Excel file that decodes IGC flight log filenames.

Kai Gertsen - Excellent Tutorials on Cross-County Soaring

   - Introduction to Cross-Country Soaring
   - Off-Airport Landings   
Soaring Society of America
   - Badge Flying
Soaring Symposia Archive

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Downloading Flight Recorders - Simple instructions and software for downloading flight logs from the leading brands of flight recorders

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