So You Want To Fly Gliders
DVD, Format: NTSC, Duration: 1 hr. 38 minutes, Released in 2005
From the Sporty's "What you should know" series

Preview Video - Note: The preview video refers to the film as "Transition to Gliders" which was the previous name for this product.  They changed the name to "So You Want to Fly Gliders" because it is a good video for all new glider pilots, not just power pilots transitioning to gliders.

Perfect for power pilots who want to discover the joy of soaring - or for beginning glider students - this new video shows you “what you should know” about flying gliders. Bob Wander, noted glider instructor and best-selling author, joins the Sporty’s Academy team to take you into the cockpit of several training gliders. With exciting in-flight footage, you’ll see maneuvers from inside and outside the aircraft, and you’ll ride along for a self-powered launch, an aero-tow and a winch launch. Also covers aerodynamics, stalls, spins, speed-to-fly, spirals, variometers, all training maneuvers, soaring weather (including ridge, wave, convergence and thermal soaring) and much more. State of the art 3D graphics and animations are used throughout to explain complicated subjects. This comprehensive program will prepare you for your FAA glider checkride and beyond.

From the Back Cover of the DVD Case
So You Want To Fly Gliders, part of the What You Should Know series, gives power pilots and anyone interested in gliders insight into and an appreciation for powerless flight.

Whether you want to add a glider rating to your existing pilot privileges or just learn the ins and outs of soaring flight, Sporty's shows you how.

Bob Wander, noted glider instructor and the author of the Gliding Made Easy series of books, joins the Sporty's Academy team to lead you on your video journey from glider neophyte to glider aficionado.

So You Want To Fly Gliders takes you inside the cockpit of several training gliders to give you a real sense of what soaring and gliding are all about.  Outside the glider, you will see how your control inputs are affecting the aircraft.  State of the art 3-D graphics & animations are used throughout the program to explain more complex concepts.  You will learn what you should know and enjoy yourself as well during this exciting program.

The program starts with an introduction to the FAA training requirements and the glider launch methods.  You will ride along as we self-launch in a motorgliders, get towed aloft by an airplane, and get pulled into the air by a ground based winch.  You will see how gliders differ from airplanes and be introduced to the aerodynamics of gliding flight.  Along the way, you will see all of the maneuvers and cover the topics required for your glider checkride.  Weather as it relates to soaring as well as methods to find and harness the lift that Mother Nature provides are also included. 

So come along for the ride as Sporty's shows you yet another way to keep flying fun!

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So You Want To Fly Gliders

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