Self-Launch! - Retractable Engine Sailplanes (Book files on DVD)
Author: Peter A. Williams
DVD with complete book as well as every ASA (Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association) newsletter ever printed from 1988 through the fall of 2007, many black and white and color photos, 140 pages, Original Copyright: 1998, Copyright: 2007 by For the Birds and ASA

Note: This is not a printed book.  It is a data DVD which contains Adobe Acrobat PDF files that can be printed. 

Printed Version
When you order this data DVD, you can select the option to get a printed version in addition to the data DVD.  I print it on my laser printer and bind it with clear plastic covers and a "CombBind" binder.  The cost is 20 cents/page for a total of $28 (plus shipping) (in addition to the cost of the data DVD).  That is much less expensive than getting the document printed at Kinkos or OfficeMax.

PDF of Pages 1 through 8

This book is the first of its kind devoted exclusively to what it's like to fly a retractable engine sailplane.

Flying an aerodynamically advanced sailplane with the capability to self-launch is an exciting and rewarding experience.  This book traces the development of these ships, including detailed information about 25 models.  It describes eight power plants and five retraction systems.  It is a guide to training, check lists, upkeep, engine systems, buying, selling and safe operating procedures.

If is for sailplane pilots, power pilots and anyone else who wants to know more about this elegant class of sailplanes.

About the Author
Pete Williams has flown self-launching sailplanes since 1988.  He is the author of many articles, studies and surveys about powered sailplanes.  As founder and first president of the Self-launching Sailplane Pilot's Association, he is known as one of the leading authorities on the subject.


"This book is a must if you want to find out about, consider buying or are upgrading to the new wave of soaring in a self-launching retractable engine sailplane." - Don Engen, Former Director, Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum

"No one is more qualified to write on the subject of self-launching sailplanes than Pete Williams.  This book is a compendium of historical data and information essential to the soaring enthusiast and neophyte alike." - Stan Nelson, President, Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association

More information on Self-Launching Sailplanes is available at the Auxiliary-Powered Sailplane Association web site.

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