Replay Plastic Suction Cup Mount Kit with 4" Long Arm and Camera Clamp for XD1080
A lower cost alternative to the aluminum suction cup mounts above. We took a traditional Panavise suction-cup mount and machined a billet aluminum arm and camera clamp to create an ultra rigid mount. All of this combined provides a solid solution to capture crisp and stable video. 
This is a rugged and rigid mount. The arm and camera clamp are made of black anodized aluminum. The base is plastic. The arm can be rotated (locked in place by the knob). The camera clamp can be rotated around 360 degrees with detents every 10 degrees. And, of course, the camera can be rotated freely in the camera clamp.


  • ReplayXD Plastic Suction Cup Mount with 4" Long Arm
  • ReplayXD Aluminum Camera Clamp for XD1080

Recommended for:

  • Mounting to a hard, rigid surface such as a glass car window or metal or figerglass surface

Not Recommended for:

  • Mounting to a plexiglass sailplane canopy -This suction cup utilizes a level to pull a very strong suction. It can deform the sailplane canopy - which may lead to crazing or damage in the long run. Sailplane canopies are very expensive - so don't risk it.

Installation Tips

  • Clean the mounting surface with water before mounting the suction cup
  • Wet the suction cup before mounting it
  • Position the unit and press the "Press" button to seat the suction cup
  • Rotate the suction cup lock lever to lock the unit firmly to the mounting surface.

These suction cup mounts are designed to be used in "high-action" environments. They hold-on extremely well. However, no suction cup is perfect. If you rely on it, and it fails, your camera is likely to be damaged. No promises or warranties are made by the manufacturer in regard to their ability to hold on.

Camera not included

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