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118 to 136 MHz (Aircraft Radio Band), Connector: BNC, male
Note: Some pilots have decided that this antenna is a good option for use with an ELT in a sailplane.  Metal and carbon fiber sailplanes are difficult to mount antennas in because they block radio signals.  A few customers have mounted this antenna in the glider cockpit with the antenna mounted so that it is oriented vertically and has a good view of the sky.  It isn't a perfect antenna for that application because ELTs transmit on both 121.5 and 243.0 MHz.  This antenna is not designed for the 243.0 MHz range.  But since that is a multiple of 121.5 MHz it will probably work OK.  I can't recommend it for that application because you want a very good antenna in an emergency situation such as when an ELT is used.
This antenna was designed for use with a handheld radio.

I can make antenna cables with a variety of adapters.  Let me know what you length and connectors you need and I'll make it for you. I have invested in all the necessary crimping tools.

Length: 156 mm (6.14 in)

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