Mounting Kit for PowerFLARM Portable - Flat Dual-Lock Version
This rugged yet lightweight aluminum mounting bracket makes it easy to mount a PowerFLARM Portable on top of any flat surface - such as the top of the instrument panel cover.  It includes 2 parts, a flat plate the attaches to the bottom of the PowerFLARM Portable using 2 screws, and a "U" shaped mounting base that mounts to the flat surface with 4 screws and nylon lock nuts.  3M Dual-Lock is used to secure the PowerFLARM Portable and its mounting plate to the mounting base. 

It may be easier and less expensive to use 3M Dual-Lock fasteners to secure the PowerFLARM Portable directly to the mounting surface, but that would cause the bottom of the PowerFLARM Portable and the top of the mounting surface to get "gunky" from the adhesive on the Dual-Lock (which is very difficult to remove).  Also, since the majority of the bottom of the PowerFLARM Portable is taken-up by the battery compartment cover (which is not secure enough to use as a mounting surface) this system offers a much more secure solution.

Width: 101 mm (3.98 in)
Depth: 81 mm (3.19 in)
Height of sides of base: 14 mm (0.55 in)
Height PowerFLARM Portable sits up off the mounting surface: 10 mm (0.39 in)
Weight: 113 g (4.0 oz)

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  • Brand: Air Avionics
  • Product Code: Mount-PFLARM-Portable-Flat
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $64.00
  • $32.00

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