MH3 or MH4 Flowmeter with BNC Connector and Tubing
Flowmeters for Built-in systems with tubing and connectors.

Designed for OEM Built-In systems, the MH-3 Flowmeter (green) is calibrated for use with the Oxymizer™ cannula for flight up to 18,000 ft. The MH-4 (red) has two altitude flow scales. The left (compressed) scale is calibrated for the Oxymizer™ cannula and is limited to flight of 18,000 ft.and below. The right scale is calibrated for a standard cannula or facemask up to 30,000 ft.

These Flowmeters come with 1 meter of Poly Tubing (Tygon® type) and Brass plated metal fittings. They are used where higher system outlet pressures are encountered, such as aircraft with built in systems.

Flow Meter Options (select when ordering)

BNC Connector Options

  • PB 750 - fits late model Cessna aircraft with built-in oxygen systems.
  • PB 566 - fits most Cessna made 1979 to 1982 (depending on model) with built-in oxygen systems.
  • Scott 100 - fits most Beechcraft, Mooney and Piper aircraft with built-in oxygen systems.
  • CPC - fits most Cirrus, Columbia, Coralis and many other new models


  • MH-00BNC-1060-00, MH3 Flowmeter with PB750 BNC Connector($129) Documentation
  • MH-00BNC-1062-00, MH4 Flowmeter with PB750 BNC Connector($129) Documentation
  • MH-00BNC-1064-00, MH3 Flowmeter with PB566 BNC Connector($129) Documentation
  • MH-00BNC-1066-00, MH4 Flowmeter with PB566 BNC Connector($129) Documentation
  • MH-00BNC-1068-00, MH3 Flowmeter and Scott 100 BNC Connector($115) Documentation
  • MH-00BNC-1070-00, MH4 Flowmeter and Scott 100 BNC Connector($115) Documentation
  • MH-00XCP-1036-01-1 MH3 Flowmeter and CPC BNC Connector($99) Documentation
  • MH-00XCP-1037-01-1, MH4 Flowmeter and CPC BNC Connector($99) Documentation

Included: MH3 or MH4 flowmeter, BNC connector, tubing
Not Included: cannula, face mask, regulator, oxygen cylinder

BNC-SCOTT Fitting A-8750(md)
General Specifications for MH-3 and MH-4

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