• MH-00GSE-1023-00

TA-540-DIN Transfill Adapter
The TA-540-DIN has a CGA-540-N to DIN-477-S hardware scheme. It is a useful adapter that allows the connection of DIN-477 devices to CGA-540 cylinders or devices.   This item can be used to fill a U.S. standard CGA-540 oxygen cylinder with a DIN transfill system.

Transfill Adapters
With our line of oxygen-fitting adapters and transfilling adapters you will have the confidence to connect, service and refill almost any type of oxygen cylinder for aviation. Our oxygen transfilling adapter fittings allow you to connect between the CGA-540, CGA-870 (medical) and the German DIN-477 (Euro-norm) regime. Product names with CGA-540 and DIN-477 parts reflect oxygen flow direction. 
Transfilling Overview
Transfill Adapter Line-Up and Selector Guide

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