KF-115 Oxygen Cylinder - Aluminum core with Kevlar Fiber Wrap - No Valve or Gauge
The lightest aircraft oxygen cylinder that technology has to offer. These Kevlar fiber-wrapped cylinders have been developed specifically for aircraft use.

The KF series cylinders are the perfect solution for cylinder installations far aft in the aircraft previously not possible before. A thin-wall, seamless aluminum (6061-T6) alloy 'liner-cylinder' is reinforced by a full over-wrapping of Kevlar fibers sealed in epoxy. This yields about a 50% to 60% weight savings over conventional cylinder technology without any compromise in safety.

These cylinders are preferred by many who build the state-of-the-art composite-fiber aircraft. They are made under a DOT mfg. protocol. If used in commercial applications or in a type-certified aircraft, the DOT service life is 15 years from the first hydro-test date and hydro-tests are done every three years. The KF series cylinders are complemented by our RCV/RCR remote-controlled-regulator system and built-in EDS system. The KF series cylinders can be secured for carry-about applications with the Full-Pack and Tuff-Pack cylinder carry-caddy harness systems.

If the cylinder is to be used in type certified aircraft, by current DOT protocol, it must be hydro tested every three years and taken out of service if it fails or after 15 years from the first hydro test date comes about. Even if the cylinder passes hydro test. DOT protocol does not specifically detail any requirements for these cylinders if used in experimental aircraft. 

See details and dimensions below:

-Valve & Gauge not included

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