AL-415 Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder - No Valve 

These aluminum oxygen cylinders are featured in our XCP, XCR & EDS portable oxygen systems. These cylinders can be supplied with our low-profile CGA-540 or DIN-477#9 valves with pressure gauge that shows the amount in the cylinder at all times with the valve open or closed. These aluminum cylinders are intended for portable ‘carry-on’ applications, or permanent mounting. See our Full Pack cylinder harness & carry-caddy for these cylinders. Also, see CMK cylinder hold-down kits.

Aluminum cylinders require hydrostatic testing every 5 years from date of manufacture.
They are a life-time cylinder, meaning they have no life limit as long as they pass hydro testing.

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  • Brand: Mountain High
  • Product Code: AL-415
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  • $110.00

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