CMK "A" Bracket Cylinder Mounting Kits

Made specially for fiber-wound cylinders, the CMK-A bracket cylinder mounting kit is a rigid, low profile method of securing either aluminum or fiber-wound cylinders to a flat surface inside a deep area where removal on the axis is not possible and scratching the cylinder may be a concern. A wide fabric strap is used to secure the cylinder, minimizing the possibility of damaging the cylinder. The CMK-A provides the greatest number of options for mounting these types of cylinders. The brackets can be positioned anywhere throughout the circumference of the fabric belts. The fabric belts can then be rotated so the tightening buckle is positioned almost anywhere desired for easy access. Used with many composite-fiber aircraft.

Strap Length: 35 inches (88.9 cm)

Inserts and Related Documents:

00CMK-0024-00 A-Bracket cylinder mounting kit
A-Style CMK Universal Mounting Bracket [SCD]

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  • Brand: Mountain High
  • Product Code: CMK-A
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  • $145.00

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