• Peregrine-Airspeed-Switch-Kit

Peregrine Airspeed Switch Kit
The ADS-B system airspeed switch kit from Peregrine provides air-ground input for ADS-B transmitters, including these Mode S transponders: Trig TT31, Trig TT22, and Bendix King KT74. The TT31 and TT22 are approved for use with Peregrine ADS-B STCs per FAA-PMA.

Use of this switch makes it easy to get your TT22/TN70 ADS-B system FAA approved.

This kit includes:

  • Airspeed differential pressure switch, qty 1 (PA-111114-821)
  • Clear Poly-Flo tubing, qty 48 inches (PA-111114-825)
  • Nylon union tee, qty 2 (PA-111114-831)
  • Nylon insertion stabilizer, qty 6 (PA-111114-833)

A helpful customer reported that he was having issues with this switch.  He worked with Peregrine and they recommended that he use only the provided tubing for connection to the switch.  He was not previously using the included tubing.  They also recommended doing a leak test using soapy water.

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