• MicroSoftie

A narrower and shorter version of the Mini Softie, the Micro Softie is designed to fit and stay secure over the shoulder of smaller individuals. Like all backpack types, the parachute and lines are stored in the container which is mounted on the back.  There is no seat cushion as found on chair type parachutes.  This type is best in airplanes that have seats that accommodate a back mounted parachute.  Both backpack and chair types are commonly used in sailplanes - depending on how the seat pan of the glider accommodates the parachute and pilot.  Chair type parachutes are usually a bit thinner than backpack type parachutes.
The Micro Softie can be used by persons weighing up to 180 lbs. 
It is available with either our Conventional or Aerobatic harness.
Dimensions: The container is 2.25" (5.7 cm) thick x 13" (33 cm) wide x 22" (55.9 cm) long.
Custom Sizing Available
Canopy Type: Steerable Conical. 
Total weight: 14 lbs.
Please specify your harness choice and any options when ordering.

FREE Carry-All Bag
A Carry-All Bag ($60) is required and not included by the manufacturer. Cumulus Soaring, Inc includes one FREE of charge.

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