EDS-STR Stabilizing Pressure Regulator with All 4 Connectors


  • EDS-STR Stabilizing Pressure Regulator
  • Scott connector
  • BP750 connector
  • PB566 connector
  • XCP (CPC) connector
  • Tubing for connecting the EDS-STR to a Mountain High EDS O2D1 or O2D2 unit

The EDS In-line regulator is for applications in which you may wish to operate your EDS O2D1 or O2D2 units from an oxygen source other than our regulators such as an oxygen source of 30 to 90 psig.

Many of the built-in oxygen systems found in most type-certified aircraft operate from 30 to 80 psig. Some have been measured providing up to 110 psig. This is usually a sign that repair or replacement is necessary.

The EDS In-Line regulator can operate up to four (4) O2D1 units or two (2) O2D2 units.

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  • Brands Mountain High
  • Product Code: EDS-STR-Scott/750/566/CPC
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $449.00

Tags: Regulator, 00REG-1048-05, EDS-STR