CFFC-022 Oxygen Cylinder, Aluminum core with Carbon Fiber Wrap - No Valve or Gauge

The CFFC cylinder is a seamless aluminum alloy liner wound with carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic full composite layers and subjected to an autofrettage pressure. Carbon filament wound and epoxy layers are the predominant pressure load bearing elements. An outer glass filament wound and epoxy layer provides damage protection. A galvanic corrosion protection layer is required for the aluminum liner. An inner glass filament wound and epoxy layer is allowed for galvanic corrosion protection. Together, the inner and outer glass filament layers must carry less than 15 percent of the total pressure load at the minimum required burst pressure.  They are DOT-E 11194-2216 rated.

These cylinders require Hydrostatic testing every 5 years from date of manufacture. 
They have a 15 year life limit.

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  • Brand: Mountain High
  • Product Code: CFFC-022
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  • $1,495.00

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