Portable Constant-flow: XCR Products for Sport Aviation

The XCR is a high-duration single-place carry-on oxygen system for multiple aviation uses. It is an excellent choice for the pilot who needs a small wearable system for hang gliding, paragliding or any situation where space is at a minimum and ease of use is a must. It has been used in applications for competition and setting personal goals.

The XCR system is comprised of the cylinder, the XCR primary reducing regulator, 5 feet of high-quality kink-proof 4 mm. OD polyurethane service line, one XCR control-holster with your choice of either a Mountain High MH-3 or MH-4 Flowmeter with remote on/off valve and moustache type Oxymizer® oxygen conserving cannula. The system can be strapped to your flight-suit or hang gliding harness. You can add up to four (4) flowmeters to one XCR regulator with optional split kits. There are “D” rings on the corners of the pilot control harness/holster allowing freedom to mount it to your arm, leg, shoulder-strap, uprights or almost any suitable object.



One Place System with MH3 or MH4 Flowmeter, XCR-1P-Axial Regulator, KF-011 (11.0 cu. ft.) Kevla..


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