• Icom-IC-HM-234

Speaker Microphone
For use with IC-A6, IC-A14, IC-A14S, and IC-A24.  There is a swiveling alligator clip on back of speaker/microphone.  Great for use in a sailplane! Keep the radio in the side-pocket and clip the speaker/microphone to your shoulder strap.
 Replaces the HM-173.

Dimensions of body
Height: coming soon
Width: coming soon
Depth: coming soon

Tip - Fixing Squeal Issue - if necessary
A customer stated that when using the HM-234 with his A14, the system squeals loudly every time he keys the microphone button on the HM-234. I found that the same thing happened with my A14. I called ICOM America technical support and received excellent support - as always. I set the side-tone to zero by depressing and holding the transmit button (on the radio or speaker/mic) and using the down-arrow on the radio to bump the side-tone to zero.  That worked for me.

If that doesn't work, he recommended turning-off the internal microphone - as described on page 26 of the manual under "other functions, set mode settings".  I didn't need to do that.  He also said that adjusting the internal microphone gain might also help. 

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