DPRA/UNG - Prandtl Probe
This Pradtl probe is a special edition that is used on some Dimona HKS 36 motorgliders. It requires the use of a UNG mounting adapter that has a notch that keeps the probe from rotating.

Type: Pradtl probe, Pitot (total), Static
Number of Functions/Ports: 2

  • anodized aluminum

Overall Length: 850 mm (33.46 inches)
Protruding Length: 580 mm (29.53 inches)
Weight: 65 grams (2.29 ounces)

Installtion Note: 
The screw head of the fixation ring can be pinched off after finding the final position.


  • Works with UNG mounting adapters (supplied by the aircraft manufacturer)
  • Does not work with UN, SUN, ST1, or ST2 mounting adapters

Lead time: 8 weeks

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