DN/3-fach/UN - Triple Probe - V-Style - with new UNX port

New version with UNX port - as used on new sailplanes.  Please see the photos.  This is not yet common.  Most sailplanes use the esa-DN-3-fach-UN. The new UNX port is cool because it has the o-rings on the probe, instead of inside the mount on the sailplane.

This "V"-style triple probe is the latest and highest performance triple probe available. It offers very good Total Energy compensation. It is exceptionally good at accommodating horizontal air movement caused by horizontal gusts or yawing of the aircraft. It is compatible with UN and SUN multi-port mounting adapters - which have been built into many sailplanes.

Type: Triple probe, Total Energy, Pitot (total), Static
Number of Functions/Ports: 3

  • Tube: Carbon fiber or black anodized aluminum (same price - carbon fiber recommended and in stock)
  • Head: Nickel plated brass
  • Tail: Anodized aluminum

Overall Length: 900 mm (35.43 inches)
Protruding Length: 800 mm (31.50 inches)
Weight: 62 grams (2.2 ounces)

Customer Reviews
"The differences were evident, first during the tow – the Cambridge 302 was faster but at the same time more stable, and then during entire flight. I was smiling as I landed – perfect K-1, fast and accurate indications during all phases of flight." - Andy Smielkiewicz

"”to be able to see on the vario what “my behind” feels is great, to get that on a brand new glider – that has never happened to me during my almost 40 years of competition flying”… - Stan Wujczak

Mounting Tip
The probe should be mounted so the 2 tips are oriented horizontally - parallel to the wings


  • Works with UNX mounting adapters - with the o-rings on the probe - as used on a few new sailplane types
  • Does not work with UN, SUN, ST1, or ST2 mounting adapters


  • Carbon Fiber

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  • Brand: Esa systems
  • Product Code: esa-DN-3-fach-UNX-Carbon
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $325.00

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