BRT/ST - Total Energy Probe with Venturi Head - Fuselage - for ST1 mounting adapters
This total energy probe is designed to be mounted vertically on the sailplane fuselage. It is my understanding that fuselage mounted TE probes are not nearly as accurate as TE probes that are mounted near the top of the vertical fin - pointing forward, but sometimes a tail mounted probe is not possible or practical.

This venturi head style TE probe is a bit of an outdated design. Some motorglider manufacturers supply this type by default, but it is generally considered to be not as accurate as the RUT style TE probe above. You can replace this type of probe with an RUT style TE probe. However, this venturi style TE does offer a very classic look and looks great on a classic sailplane.

Type: Total Energy
Number of Functions/Ports: 1

  • Tube: Carbon fiber or black anodized aluminum (same price - carbon fiber recommended and in stock)
  • Head: Nickel plated brass
  • Tail: Anodized aluminum

Overall Length: ~300 mm (11.81 inches)
Protruding Length: 260 mm (10.24 inches)
Weight: 20 grams (0.71 ounces)

Mounting Tip
esa-systems recommends mounting this type of probe with the smaller side of the head pointing toward the front of the glider. In the images at right the nose of the glider would be to the right.


  • Works with ST1 mounting adapters
  • Does not work with ST2, UN, or SUN mounting adapters

Material Options

  • Carbon Fiber (standard, in stock), Order esa-BRT-ST-Carbon-...
  • Black anodized aluminum (special order), Order esa-BRT-ST-AL-...

Port Options

  • Diameter: 8 mm, Engagement Length: 40mm - Most Popular
  • Diameter: 6 mm, Engagement Length: 30 mm (common on LS sailplanes)

Lead time: 8 weeks

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  • Brand: Esa systems
  • Product Code: esa-BRT-ST
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $130.00

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