Schleicher Rhönadler Sailplane Model Kit
Resin Model Kit
Scale: 1:72
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 17.458 m (57.3 feet)
Wing Span: 24.2 cm (9.5 inches)
Length: 10.0 cm (4.0 inches)
Designed and built in Germany in 1935. It was a single seat high performance glider.
The kit includes decals and assembly and painting instructions.

The excellent book Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 by Martin Simons includes an excellent write-up, photos and scale drawings of this glider.  A quote from the book, "Schleicher recognized the growing demand for cross country sailplanes and admired the Fafnir.  He commissioned Hans Jacobs to design a simplified version which would be suitable for factory production and not prohibitively expensive.  The prototype, called Rhönadler, was ready for the 1932 Rhön. (There had been an earlier Rhönadler, a record breaking two seater.)"

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