Göppingen Gö-3 Minimoa Sailplane Model Kit
Resin Model Kit
Scale: 1:72
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 17 m (55.8 feet)
Wing Span: 23.6 cm (9.3 inches)
Length: 9.7 cm (3.8 inches)
Designed in Germany in 1935 - 6. It was a single seat high-performance glider.  
The kit includes the complete airframe, glazed cockpit canopy, 1/72 scale plans, decals, and assembly and painting instructions.

The excellent book Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 by Martin Simons includes an excellent write-up, photos and scale drawings of this glider.  A quote from the book, "This unusual prototype flew in 1935 and was taken to the Rhön meeting.  Perhaps it was inevitable that the Göppingen 3, a smaller version of the Moazagotl, should be called the Minimoa. ... Production began in 1936.  There is no doubt the Minimoa was everything Hirth had hoped for, stable and strong with a good performance.  The best glide was measured at 25.7:1 in 1938.  This was probably no better than contemporary sailplanes of similar span from other designers and factories, but, because of its very distinctive and graceful shape, the Minimoa became very well known and admired."  At right are 2 scanned pages from the book related to the Minimoa.

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