The L-NAV is no longer available.  However, many accessories and options are still available.  

When used with a GPS-NAV it is a more expensive and physically larger system than the 302.  The combination of a 302 with a 303 or a Pocket PC with Glide Navigator (or both) does everything the L-NAV and GPS-NAV combination did.

To GPS-NAV owners who are considering buy an L-NAV to complement the GPS-NAV, I recommend selling the GPS-NAV on the used market and purchasing a 302.  You will pay a little more, but end up with a much smaller and more powerful system.  The L-NAV is very easy-to-use and reliable, but not the latest product offering.

Repairs and Calibrations
I (Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc.) can replace logger backup batteries, re-seal the electronic security seal, and calibrate the logger altimeters for all Cambridge GPS-NAV and 302 products. You can see details here: Services.

Garmin GPS Failures in Cambridge Products
Cambridge soaring instruments (and most other brands) used Garmin GPS engines which seem to have a bug such that they are failing. The issue has occured to a very high percentage of Cambridge products. If yours hasn't failed, it probably will. The great news is that Gary Kammerer (formerly of Cambridge and ClearNav) can repair or replace the built-in Garmin GPS - making the instrument fully functional again. If your Cambridge flight recorder won't record a flight log, or records flights with a date from several years ago, your logger probably needs repair. Please see the PDF file below for details on the services Gary offers.

Cambridge Repair Services by Gary Kammerer

Demo/Training Files for Cambridge L-NAV Flight Computer
This is an html (web page) demo/training system for the Cambridge L-NAV flight computer.  It is a great way to learn more about the L-NAV, or to learn how to use it if you already own one.  It was created by Paul Remde for Cambridge in 1998. 


  • Download and open the zip file: demolnav.zip
  • Extract the files to a directory somewhere on your PC - I recommend the "My Documents/L-NAV Demo" folder
  • Open the folder and double-click on the file "demolnav.htm"
  • Follow the directions on the screen

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