Cable, 0.5 m (19.7 inches), Cambridge 302, 302A, GPS-NAV or Goddard PS-5a to Instrument Panel Mountable DB-9f Connector, This cable is used to bring the connections from the DB-9 on the back of a Cambridge GPS-NAV, 302 or 302A to the instrument panel where they can be more easily accessed.  The panel connector has ears for mounting the connector to the back of the instrument panel.  A small 15 x 30 mm rectangular hole must be made in the panel to allow access to the DB-9f connector.  A PC cable can be connected to the panel connector for downloading flight logs or a Cumulus iPAQ cradle could be connected directly to the panel connector.  DB-9m connector at CAI product to DB-9f at panel, Includes lines for 5 VDC power and RS-232 data. 

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