• CAI-HA-33x

Power Supply/Charger for GPS-NAV

No Longer Available (see note below)

Plugs into wall outlet and provides 12V, 300 mA power for GPS-NAV.  Useful when powering the GPS-NAV outside your glider - downloading flight logs or uploading waypoint files. May also be used to charge a CAA-064 battery.
Power Input Options (select when placing order):
 - HA 333, HA 333, Input: 120 V, 60 Hz, Output: 12 V, 300 mA, $15
 - HA 334, Input: 220 V, $32

Note: This product is no longer available.  However, Radio Shack has a good alternative. It is a 300 mA wall charger.  It is supplied with multiple tips.  The blue "M" (largest) tip works great with the GPS-NAV.  However, you must be careful when attaching the tip to the charger cable.  It can be attached in 2 different positions to determine whether the inside connector is positive or negative.  For the GPS-NAV the inside conductor must be negative and the outside conductor must be positive.  So align the "-" symbol on the connector with the "Tip" label on the end of the cable.  Also, the Radio Shack charger can be set for multiple different output voltages.  The GPS-NAV needs 12V.  The Radio Shack part number is 273-315.  It is probably available at your local Radio Shack store.  If not, you can order from the Radio Shack web site using the link below. If the link doesn't work then copy the part number and enter it into the search box on the Radio Shack web site.  You can check to see if it is available at nearby stores by clicking on "Find in Store" on the Radio Shack product web page.

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